FF KyuMin

Rekomendasi FF Kyumin.

all of these arent mine. sebenernya ff kyumin yang bisa dibilang lumayan lebih dari ini, tapi masalahnya aku lupa .__.v nih FF pake english semua 🙂


knew a few,


Boyfriend Material

Burned Promise

Defying Gravity

Falling Slowly

February third

I missed You

January first

On Normal Days

Recipe for Love

Sleeping habits

The Reaping (A thousand winds)

The strong one

The Tinman’s Tale

What do I do? and midnight snacks

Chaptered stories

50  Years of Love

A Day with You

A whirlwind Calm

Behind Closed Door

Breaking the Devil




Forgot to Remember , here is the trailer

Minderella and the Beast

Mine | Yours

My Dying Love

My sweet surrender

Out of My League

Raindrops from Heaven

Reasons for a love song

So I’ve Heard

Stockholm | no loose ends

The Prince Fiance

The Successor | spin off stories

M rated story

Looking for a Lighthouse [M]

Luck stealer [M]

Masquerade [M]

Noisy Gamekyu [M]

Hooked On You [M]

My Fiance a she or a he? [M]

Shades [M] /50 Shades of Grey KyuMin version xD/

The Last Bet [M]


dan nggak selamanya FF yang viewersnya sedikit itu jelek, kadang ffnya terlalu berat atau nggak awal-awalnya agak mbosenin tapi kalo udah dibaca keseluruhan ternyata plotnya bagus n  menarik.

check di tumblr sebelah http://rateakyuminfanfic.tumblr.com/masterlist

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