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[pict] 130826 Hero event in osaka – Siwon drew Ryeowook


Siwon drew ryeowook. cr. moncheri kyu

[picts] Siwon injured his leg, sungmin injured his hand




For this picture of kyumin with UPI staff, a fan who was there said that it was actually kyuhyun at first only taking the photo but sungmin happened to pass by and kyu dad called him along to take the photo XD (cr: 谢阿茹) can words even express how much I love this no.1 kyumin shipper? XDDDD v: xianminImage

[fanacc] 130824 KyuMin

[130824 KyuMin fanacc] When coming out from the airport, Kyuhyun headed straight to the van Sungmin’s in. But the van is full so he was brought to another van. Hahaha! 
Trans requested by: Minie_Moni]

[pict KyuMin wearing same outfit :3


[picts] 130824 ss5 shanghai – KyuMin High five!!!

ImageImagecr. as tagged


[vid] launching mobil formula sapu angin speed

new car!!! 🙂 ITS 짱!!


[fanacc] 130824 SS5 Shanghai – KyuMin

SS5 SH Sungmin keep looking at #Kyuhyun on the big screen, & kyu said to everyone “I tell you guys a secret: I like you.” [cr. 恋_天使是眼神控|v: xianmin_]



130825 Yesung twitter update

고맙고 보고싶다 ELF

trans : thanks, i want to see you elf


[pict] 130824 Sungmin’s hand

Get well soon babe T_T [小渔ELFishhhhh]