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[picts] 131128 Lotte Duty Free facebook update – Eunhae


[pict/ Fan made] KyuMin


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[pict] Bunny Ming vs Cute Rabbit – Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ >,<


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[eng trans] Leeteuk’s handwritten letter to fans


“To ‘E.L.F’ whom I miss and worry about the most because I love them,


Every difficult day, I read the letters one by one that all of you sent me; they move me and make me teary, giving me enough strength to endure the day without giving up.  I sincerely thank you all!


It seems like it has been a really long time since I greeted you guys a year ago!


I marked the calendar with an ‘X’ for the remaining eight months I have of army life so I am looking forward to the fun time I get to meet you guys again with a bright smile.


The eighth year anniversary snuck up on me but how happy and good the day was.  I felt very down thinking about how I was unable to spend that day with the people I love.


The members who ran forward through that time and even run diligently now–while running with those members, I want to tell the fans who gave us infinite love, ‘I always give you my thanks and love.’


Now the upcoming 2014 and July 29!


I fall asleep thinking of that date and imagining it every night.  And prepare for the best party for our ninth anniversary next year!!


Thanks again for supporting me so I will not give up but continue living and enduring.  I will pray that from now on we will live beautifully as one not for just a moment but forever and ever.  I sincerely give my love.


P.S. Super Junior too!! E.L.F. too!! Eighth year!!  Congratulations on becoming eight-years-old.  If it is eight years, that is the age you go into school.  Everyone got old??!!! Keke ^__^ make sure you see the back.


Super Junior leader!!  Leeteuk, who loves E.L.F the most.”


On the back, he wrote:

 “Even if the sky were to fall and the ground to crumble,There is nothing to fear if you say you love me.Even if the darkness were to gather and the world were to reverse,Nothing matters as long as you say you love me.If you so desired, I would follow you to the ends of the world.Whether it is the star or the blinding sun in the sky, I would pick it out and present it to you.If you so desired, I would throw away everything I held dear.Even if everyone ridiculed us, I would follow only you.Even if the God of Fate were to take you away,I would go even to eternity if you loved me. Song of Love.”


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[pict] Diary0214 new index update – Kyuhyun n Sungmin holding hands



[picts] 131123 Super Show 5 in Malaysia – Cute Kyu [9p]

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Kyuhyun will perform new musical name “Moon Embracing the Sun” in this coming January

 Kyuhyun will perform new musical name “Moon Embracing the Sun” in this coming January



[gif] Super Junior’s photobook in Hawaii – KyuMin moment


[pict] wet sexy Kyuhyun – hawaii photobook


[full audio] Blue world – Super Junior