[fan acc] 140621 Yesung in Y Style

He wears a grey suit, sunglasses, spotted tie, black bag and brown leather shoes. 
He took photos for the fans but he intentionally blocked the lens which made the fans laughed XD
then he took selcas with fans and he’s now charging his cellphone XD

 Yesung has good mood today XD He chatted with fans and said OMG loudly XDDDD
The fans were excited when he took off his sunglasses, so he made some cool pose to make them laughed~


Yesung tried hard to chat with a Japanese little boy in Japanese XD he also stroked his face and body XD
Both Yesung and Jongjin wear
suit today, Yesung with a white shirt and Jongjin with a pink shirt~

Fans: Oppa you are so handsome today! *v*
Yesung: I’m always handsome~ B-)

A fan wanted to take a YS card but Yesung took away the holder. He took out one of the cards and drew a happy face on it and then put it back~
He took selcas again, he was choosing among different effects while he was adjusting the angle~
After playing with the Japanese little boy just now, he is now playing with a Chinese little boy XD He used snacks to attract him but didn’t give it to him XD
He’s now wearing another pair of glasses~

It’s raining so Yesung is still staying in YS. A fan asked Yesung which pair of sunglasses is good, she tired to wear 4 different types of sunglasses but Yesung was all like “this is good” (do you want her to buy all of them? XD) . Yesung helped Jongjin and a Islam fan to take photos, he adjusted the angle so that the poster which is hung in YS can also be included in the photo.
The poster is a photo from Gureumsori



Jongin went outside to borrow an umbrella, his back got wet when he returned YS. He aegyo to Yesung and Yesung stroked his back slightly XD 
They left YS just now~

when Yesung and Jongjin were playing with the Japanese little boy, there were some holes (I think there are for decoration purpose XD) on his clothes, they put their fingers into the holes XD poor little boy XD

cr China_in_Yesung

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