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IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Mouse Rabbit.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Mouse Rabbit. It’s okay for first-time visitors or visitors to Mouse Rabbit to take photos of Mouse Rabbit’s exterior, but please DO NOT go up the steps of the shops outside Mouse Rabbit to take photos, or continuously hover outside of Mouse Rabbit, because this disrupts the business operations of the nearby shops. Many people from the nearby shops came over to complain about the inconvenience caused to them today. Yemom told us about this problem seriously and told us to upload this on Twitter. This is also uploaded on Woonvoice’s Twitter.


[Fanacc] KyuMin Moment at SS5 Tokyo Backstage –

SS5 Tokyo Day 1

I really dunno if I could share info. You know how backstage people works. They’re not allowed to say anything that could get the idols in trouble plus I’m just an assistant staff not official and I might get Rikka’s aunt in trouble, but since I love you and trust you effin effin much I’ll spill the beans. :”>I’m sorry, as much as I would looooooove to take pictures, again, I am not an official staff and most KR head staffs are sctrict. T^T So it’s really up to you if you’ll believe me tho I know you two will~ This is my whole account of Day 1~~ Read the rest of this entry

[KyuMin] go to army together please


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next year? with ming? :3 awwwww kkkkkk

[SS5 Guangzhou] KyuMin wear same ring ?????



[cr. withbona]

[info] 1301008 The Grand Place (Donghae’s restaurant will be closing down

TGP says they wants a new start and business ends 20 oct, there will also be a big event