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Sungmin’s Message on Isungmin 130213 Trans

Title: Hello everyone? ^^

Body: Are you doing well?

I’ve logged on after a long time ~ hehehe
The more I organize my room, the more easier it is getting for me to use the computer ^^

I’m sure there will be people who can’t understand this post?

Sorry, I’m still not god in Chinese~

I’m always happy logging on here because it is always full of pretty pictures ~^^

Thank you so much for the supporting messages~! It gives me strength~

Receive many lucks in the new year~

always be happy and healthy~!!!

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SS4 Japan DVD suju members message

SS4 Japan DVD Leeteuk‘s  ‘thanks to members’
things that i’m thankful to members.. anyway, i want to say “thank you for being super junior and always be with me” to all members. super junior members ! thank you so much for being super junior !
SS4 Japan DVD Yesung for ‘about super junior’
Member with charming voice… i can totally say the charm is that none of us has the similar voice. ryeowook and kyuhyun, of course i love their voice too, but i think donghae’s voice is charming. and eunhyuk too ! their voices are charming, so please hear them alot.
SS4 Japan DVD Donghae’s  ‘thanks to members’
“i’m really thankful about everything. they complete me with eveything that this donghae lacks in, each one of them makes up for my flaws, and because of that i always thought ‘did i do good ? ‘, ‘ah i should work harder than this’. Honestly, i’m a lonely person! Instead of being alone, i love it when we eat together, i love it when we live together, its the most enjoyable and fun when i’m with members. I’d totally die if i didn’t have all that. The member who’re alot more lonely than me ? I think there’s none, and the one who talk the best is leeteuk. He’s a lonely person too and we always be together, when we have nothing to do, i’d be with him 20 hours out of 24 hours a day. We exercise together, play together, eat together, almost everything”

member to ELF

i didn’t feel tired at all while doing the concert. its so weird. from the start until the end, in spite of doing it powerfully, i really didn’t feel tired at all. it felt like we got the energy from all the fans. really, thank you so much.
I’m super junior’s angel leader, genius leader, the president of the girls, leeteuk. we made it to tokyo dome, all because of everyone here. i’m really really happy.

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[eng] 121020 Super Junior 7th Anniversary Card Messages

Leeteuk: 7th anniversary!! There will be even more time together in the future!! Wait for oppa!! ^-^
Ryeowook: 7 years.. thank you ~ 🙂
Shindong: 7 years..ㅠㅠ .. lets grow old together~
Donghae: To E.L.F it’s already 7 years with our ELF wow lets continue to be together for the next 70 years! marry me.
Kangin: 7 years.. it starts now! I love you
Eunhyuk: I like you! For 7 years!
Siwon: 7th love!
Kyuhyun: 7 years of love.. ends! and now(,) the love after 7 years of love~ St~arts!! ^_^
Sungmin: 7th anniversary(,) thank you~!! In the future too~! I love you
Yesung: For 7 years(,) we were in a relationship~

credits: boni呀大酱医仙真爱粉
Translated by: @teukables
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120822 E.L.F JAPAN Update: Donghae’s Message


Everyone~ How are you doing?

The drama 「Miss Panda and Hedgehog」that I’m starring in, is finally broadcast in Korea~!

I think you’ll be able to watch it soon in Japan so everyone please look forward to it^^
Furthermore, please support「Sexy,Free & Single」as ~ well!

P.S. Please be careful in order to avoid the summer heat!

[SC: E.L.F Japan]
Trans by: Jinnmeow]

120712 M! Countdown – Kyumin thanks to speech

Sungmin’s Thank You Speech: The first thing that came into my mind at this moment is my parents, my parents that are at home right now, thank you, I love you. And all the fans who came down today.

[CHINESE BY: 凝幻 | Trans by @paperheartsMIN]

KYU’S thank you speech: This 6JIB winning stage I’m really happy, thank you for giving use this award. I want to share this with the members that are not here with us, and the fans who have given us so much love and support. Thank you so much, I’m always grateful, I love you all.

[CHINESE TRANSLATION: 凝幻] Trans by @paperheartsMIN]


Siwon thanks to 6th album

It’s already the 6th album. The one who is always watching over us, God, our Father, thank you very much. Also, the person who was given us advice and never ending encouragement, Lee Sooman and the people who have worked hard to produce this album, Super Junior’s team, all the staff, I’d like to thank you all for your hard work. And also, deeply from my heart, I’d like to say thank you to our one love, our companions, ELF. Although we’ve had a lot to do during the past year, I’ve acknowledged the phrase “Our music…and our presence…had given hope and courage to people.” Waiting for us even without seeing the place (where we’re heading?)…To the people who never lose hope and courage and waits for us… I dedicate this album to you. We’ll always be with you. Thank you. I love you.

Yesung thanks to 6th Album

“Now this time is for you”

Kyuhyun thanks to 6th Album

Suddenly 6jib.. and 6 year debut.. how time flies…^^ [something about the Lord] Mother, father, sister, I love you!![I translated that bit just because I love how he thanked his family ;___; ❤ and his opening haha — the rest of the beginning is mostly people in management, I guess, including Lee Sooman and such.]Kangta hyung who always appears as a role model. Minjong hyung who is raising, Boneunim (BoA) who needs a lover, Yunho hyung who is still becoming my goal, Changminah you are mine, no matter how it is, our minho always looks like Jung Yunho-line. (CNBLUE) Jonghyunnie who suddenly starts to act in drama kk, my dongsaeng Qiannie, the KYU-line wannabe Taeminnie (Taeminnie who wants to join KYU-line), kindhearted Junmyeonnie (Suho) it starts from now on, the cool hoobaes SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO! The one who suddenly become my best friend Jaebummie, changed after being famous Huhgak hyung, the one who I lost contact with G.O. (who doesn’t contact meLastly, the nest that I love, Super Junior: 30 year old Jungsoo hyung, Heenim, the much missed Hankyungie hyung, Yesung hyung, the returned Kangin hyung, Dongguri Dongdong, King Sungmin, armpit Hyuk, our Donghae, Bossman Choi, Ryeonggu, Kibummie, Henry, Seasoning hyung, E.L.F. that show us miracles, we will always be together. As always, thank you and I love you


Leeteuk thanks to 6th Album

 E.L.F, 2 years will go past quickly! But…you will be waiting right? Its a requestㅋㅋㅋif you go somewhere else(,) I will be angry!!!!!^^

Eunhyuk thanks to 6th Album

Firstly I have to thank God. We recorded this album very sincerely, thank you to those who bought our album.To my dear parents whom always used their tears to help pray for me, and the prettiest noona of all times, my noona, and Choco who is very cute like me! Thank you , really, and I really love you all.Now it is really the world’s SMTOWN!! Teachers Lee SooMan, Kim Youngmin, Jung Changhwan, Nam Soyoung, Yoo Youngjin, and alot more of our family staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even at some place that I cannot see, you guys are always working hard for me. Now it is my turn to respect you guys in a place where I can see! The ‘Zhuo sama leader’ who always lead the very kind members of SUJU, (and he added alot more nicknames for this person that i dont know how to translate LOL) , You are our Dongjun hyung! Even though we already did very well, and there are really nothing much to worry about us, but we will still work hard and do our best. And those staff that spent their nights just to help us with our outfits! Although it is tiring but please continue to only make a effort on my clothes~Beatburger hyungs who are leading the kpop dancing world! If i work hard i can do it too~ Good luck! Really dance very well~ but your faces..and your bodies…your personalities too…ah.. really dance very well~this summer you must challenge the legend of the hometown~!Hyelim noona! You are always tired when you are recording for your new album~ Please find someone to marry!And Heejun noona which is like a mum ~ please find someone to marry too!Tuesdays’ nights Kangshimjang! Yoojihyuk’s fanclub and staff, thank you, and Park PD nim~ Yoojihyuk’s first bangsong of his new solo album will be done in Kangshimjang! and KTR family~ Now that I am not around, you guys know how valuable I am right? Just do well when I am around ~ You must be with the genius Hyuk DJ too~Dreammaker who made Supershow the best show ever, which includes every staff from Seoul who are in charge of the sound effects, thank you too~ even though I am sorry, please continue to do this well together even until supershow 25!! the days when we rest, when it is raining, all sorts of anniversaries, no matter what day it is, if I called you you will come immediately, zhongsuk hyung! really really thank you~ So please buy rice too ^ ^The dorm ajumma who cooked good food for her sons once almost every 10 years, i like kimchi soup ^^ even though we dont meet often, but we will meet soon, X society! because i am too busy, so please come over and visit me~ And our Ashtrays (86 Club)… I’m sorry^^ Hehe….^^ We’re still a group that exists… Hehe… We’ll have a gather in a while, in just a while… Hehe… Although this is the 2nd year saying ‘in a while’… Servant-ah I’m not sorry to you at all. Treat your hyung-nim well, like a good servant does…Thank you to YunYoung too, who revealed Yoojihyuk’s birth , please be careful when walking on streets at night ^^ there are still alot of people who i want to thank, but I can’t write anymore, I am going to cry now.. wait..and Kangta sunbae, DBSK sunbae, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO, everyone in our SMTOWN family. and everyone who is in the kpop industry thank you~ and lastly, my brotherly members, my girlfriends ELF, and those who lent Eunhyuk a helping hand before, thank you and i love you guys ^^