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130731 Donghae twitter update

형은 나랑 손가락걸자 ㅎㅎ RT @Keainlove615: 너와나는 하늘에서 맺어준 천생연분입니다

130731 Siwon twitter update

good night!Image

[info] Tous Les Jours will be closed on 8/5~8/7

Tous Les Jours will be closed on 8/5~8/7 for summer holiday. ^^

cr. TLJ twitter trans by nksubs

Eunhyuk will come to Tous Les Jours tomorrow (130731)

[TRANS] 130730 Tous Les Jours Twitter Update – Tomorrow, part time worker will appear at Tous Les Jours!! He will come in between busy schedules, so come and have a great time with him ~!!^_^
RT @TousLesJours_Hi:
내일 오랜만에 알바생이 뚜레쥬르에 출동합니다!! 바쁜 스케줄을 쪼개어 방문할 예정이니 오셔서 즐거운 시간 만드시길바랍니다~!!^_^

[Trans by @NKSubs]


 *part time worker xD, hyukjae*

[off-topic] Ciri-Ciri Dajjal Dan Pengikutnya

Nabi Menceritakan Sifat-sifat Dajjal Dan Pengikutnya, Beliau Menyebutnya dengan jelas
Dalam hadits disebutkan :

قام رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم في الناس فأثنى على الله بما هو أهله، ثم ذكر الدجال فقال: ” إني لأنذركموه، وما من نبي إلا وقد أنذر قومه
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The tickets for SS4 3D premium premiere were all sold out

The tickets for SS4 3D premium premiere were all sold out in about 1 minute Cr:@jwon0508 Trans by: @ELF_thoughts

SUPER JUNIOR Hero Album sales TvT




[lyric] いのちの歌 (Song of Life) – Kyuhyun, ryeowook, sungmin, zhoumi at SS5 Tokyo Dome

Sungmin :

生きてゆくことの意味 問いかけるそのたびに

胸をよぎる 愛しい人々のあたたかさ

Kyuhyun : 

この星の片隅で めぐり会えた奇跡は Read the rest of this entry

[cut/official] 130728-29 Super Show 5 in Tokyo Dome – Hero _ Mr. Simple _ Bonamana _ Bambina

cr jijipress. reupload by myself

130728 Super Show 5 Tokyo day 2 Fanaccount

cr, minglocked

DAY 2 Fanaccount!

Okay so we got there a little bit late lmfao when we got there, the VCR had already started but we managed to find our seats in time for the ending of the VCR! Besides I’ve already watched all the VCRs before multiple times so it wasn’t super important for me to watch them all lmfao. Was directly overlooking the left side of the Read the rest of this entry