[vid + DL] FULL SS4 Live in Japan – Kyocera Dome osaka

for my newest post you can see them under this post 😀

1. Opening + Superman

2.  Opera

3. Twins (Knock out)

4.  A Man in Love

5. Bonamana

6.  Introduction

7. You are my endless love

8. Oops

9. Wondeboy + Rokkugo

10. Walkin

11. Say My name – Eunhyuk solo

12. For Tomorrow – Sungmin’s solo

13.  Isn’t she lovely – Kyuhun’s solo

14. She – Leeteuk’s solo

15. Twinkle twinkle little star – shindong’s solo

16.  Feels Good
17. Perfection

18. A-cha

19. Mr. Simple
20. Don’t Don

21. Your grace is enough – Siwon solo

22. Oppa oppa

23. Storm

24. Y

25. MC

26. You & I

27. Lovely Day

28. Our Love

29. Doremi

30. White Christmas

31. Dancing Out

32.  U

33. Sorry-sorry

34. Miracle

35. MC

36. Destiny

37. Ending

cr. @LoveRiverSilver

Bonus Disc :

king of super junior

special memory of SS4

Collecting eunhae bodies’ data

OR you can download all of them here [6,33GB] disc 1

download FULL SS4 Osaka  HERE [11.72GB]


for post FULL SS4 live in Japan – Tokyo Dome is here


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  1. Thx 4 sharing ❤ ur really amazing 😀 but I wanna ask u~ on the "you can download all of them here [6,33GB] disc 1" and the "FULL SS4 OSAKA IS HERE [11.72GB]" How can I download them?

  2. can u re upload in media fir the site is chines so can’t understand how to download
    and thanks a lot

  3. “OR you can download all of them here [6,33GB] disc 1” so, where’s the disc 2?

  4. sorry…is that link still exist?? I can’t find the videos

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