[picts/profile] New SM Chinese trainee Xing Zhaolin

New SM Chinese trainee Xing Zhaolin~

Born 7/22/1997

Height: 189cm.  *a giant baby ㅋㅋㅋㅋ*

Dances Hip-hop.

Singer he looks up to: Kris

instagram : http://instagram.com/xzlxzlxzl

weibo : http://weibo.com/u/2608419283 @邢昭林

school : 郑州一八联合国际学校


i only got these photos from his weibo acc and people on weibo,

Image133c26c8eab111e281d622000a1f975c_7 6938890fgw1e6n9y77u1sj20g40lxdgr 6938890fgw1e6n9y5iyxaj20ct0hsmyd 6938890fgw1e6n9y3mq15j20dc0hsgnb 6938890fgw1e6n9y1wbpzj20g40mc401 6938890fgw1e6n9xsnomfj20dc0hsgmf d64e8d06jw1e6s0rffmckj20ct0hs3ze 9b7951d3jw8e0j0u2od22j 9b7951d3jw8e566o26hzpj20500503ye 9b7951d3jw8e5yho0vw32j2050050t8m 9b7951d3jw8e65eze6qvjj2050050gli 9b7951d3jw1e5ueav1buhj20h00h0jsq

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  2. Pls. put Xing Zhaoli on EXO but pls. dont let it show that your replacing Kris already. It’s still weeks or months since Kris left EXO and it doesnt mean that just because Kris left EXO it doesnt mean that Kris is already out of the group. Xing Zhaoli will never replace Kris in the EXO fans. He’s still our Cold Guy. And I want the Cold Guy of EXO I will always think of him as an EXO member….

  3. I hope for the best of EXO but no one is supposed to replace Kris even though hes already out in EXO. As one their fans, no one will replace Kris in our hearts. Kris has been a member of EXO since that group has formed and theyre already replacing him just like that? Thats not fair. I know and I believe that Kris is coming back in EXO. I know he is just resting and thinking of what he should do. And kris if your reading this I have a favor. PLS. COMEBACK WE EXO FANS MISSED YOU.

  4. No one spposed to replaced kris…if sm want him in exo that would be fine

  5. He can replace kris in internet but not in our heart. I believe that 1 day kris will comeback…..😣😣😣😣😣😣 For me no one can replace kris😠😠😠😠😠😠

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