[lyric] I wanna Dance – Eunhyuk Donghae with rom, kanji, english translationm

ladies and gentlemen
i know you gonna dig this
and the boys are back
lets dance

neteiru baai janai
its not the case to sleep
all night wa mujouken
all night is unconditional
ojousan tonight isshouni konai ?
young lady, won’t you come along tonight ?
hamarundatte sore wa muteki na yoake
to be addicted is an invincible dawn
きっとfeel good tonight
kitto feel good tonight
surely feel good tonight
振れてfeel good tonight
furete feel good tonight
shake it feel good tonight
任せてくんない ?
makasete kunnai ?
won’t you leave it to me ?
dare nante kikanaide
don’t ask who is it
furikitte choudai
give me the swing
tanoshinde mireba iinjanai
isn’t it good to try and have fun
おめでたい oh!それって最高
omedetai oh ! sorette saikou
its joyous oh ! its the best
furoa wa saikouchou
floor is the climax
i wanna dance 逃がさない
i wanna dance nigasanai
i wanna dance, don’t let loose
i wanna dance
poplock it, pop pop , poplock it (lets dance dance dance)
odoreba heikisa daitan ni
the coolness is daring when you dance
i wanna dance アドレナリンパワー
i wanna dance adorenarin pawa
i wanna dance, adrenaline power
honnou ni hi ga tsuku tokoro made
instinctively until it caught fire
i wanna dance
poplock it, pop pop , poplock it (lets dance dance dance)
i wanna dance
poplock it, come on come on, poplock it (lets dance dance dance)
一気にheat up 更なるdesire
ikkini heat up saranaru desire
in one go heat up, even more desire
答えて欲しいの honey honey honey
kotaete hoshi no honey honey honey
i want you to answer honey honey honey
boutachi no kimi mo odoritai kuseni
even the standing upright you want to dance
kakushita tte bare bare bare
you hid it, leak it leak it leak it
一期一会 night
ichigo ichie night
once-in-a-lifetime night
hanpa naku moriagare
get in total excited
i feel good tonight
もっと feel good tonight
motto feel good tonight
even more feel good tonight
i feel good tonight
はじけてくんない ?
hajikete kunnai ?
won’t you cut loose ?
daremo micchainai sa
no one is watching
harikitte choudai
give me the high spirit
paradise e youkoso
welcome to paradise
チャラ男参上 君って最高
charao sanjou kimi tte saikou
calling on all frivolous guys
you’re the best
don’t stop dancing lets go


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  1. Delilah 헨드릭스

    I love Eunhae just wish i could download complete ver. Of i wanna dance

  2. waahh .. gomawo y lirikx .. ^_^ akhirx ketemu jg lirik lagu ini .. aku dah nyari k mn” gak ketemu” .. 🙂

  3. EternalELF_Yeoja

    izin share, gumawo 🙂

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