[picts/interview] W Korea July Isssue – Kyuhyun [3p]






You say that you are sad that there aren’t any musical sunbaes. But I would think that it would also be a chance to shine from group of inexperienced actors?

Kyuhyun: Baekhyun will go on stage in July, so I haven’t seen his performance yet. I have watched Jay hyung’s performance. Jay hyung and I are, both bad at dancing so (we were) good models (for each other) during the practice. We watched each other, and thought ‘Ah, I at least should not do it that way~’ (laugh). Of course, we practiced for 3 months so it’s a lot better now but. Because it’s a performance with rain falling the entire time, the floor is waterproofed, so it’s very slippery. I worry that audience would think that the dances are sloppy.

Do you have your own interpretation of Lockwood character, apart from how the other two of the triple casting interpret him?

Kyuhyun: Jay hyung is pursuing serious and cool character, so his path is very different from mine. I try to add comical factors to make it funny. I try to show the two sides of the character; a character that is a top star on the outside, but full of faults in the inside like a normal person,

Baekhyun-ee must be very tense right now

Kyuhyun: Baekhyun-ee …. is in trouble (laugh). To be honest, there really wasn’t much time to practice, and he’s the first EXO member to do a musical, but he didn’t seem to feel any responsibility/pressure, so I gave him some. ‘You’re going to be in trouble if you continue that way’ (laugh). After that, Baekhyun-ee practiced hard. He worried a lot at first, but he saw Jay hyung’s and my run, and said he’ll be able to do it.

You said you’re sad that there isn’t a sunbae at the location, but you seem to be the one doing the sunbae role?

Kyuhyun: Ai, I cannot do that. It’s still a part I’m sad about.

Kyuhyun: … I haven’t ever gone to the company first and tell them what I wanted to do. If the company asked “You want to try this?” I didn’t reject any chances I got, but just told them I wanted to do more.

And what I want to do most is singing, especially ballad. When I first came in this company, I didn’t know I would become an idol. Lee SooMan teacher said “Let’s do well” so I wondered ‘do what well?’ and I became Super Junior (laugh). At first, I was surprised; now I am thankful. While doing activities, I was able to experience things that I was never able to imagine. I was able to perform concerts overseas in large scale stages, experience passionate fandom, and was able to have many precious memories. My dream is to continue to be Super Junior, and also do music I want to do.

Do you also imagine how it will be in the future?

Kyuhyun: Since I like ballad, I listen to it a lot, and go to many concerts. Last year, I went to Sung SiKyung hyung’s concert with Eunhyuk-ee hyung and Siwon-ee hyung. Till then, I thought our concerts were the most fun, but it wasn’t. (Laugh). I want to become a singer that can fill the entire gymnastic stadium alone.

How about as a musical actor?

Kyuhyun: Actor that can enjoy the stage? But it’s still very far away. I think I’d have to be Nam GyungJoo teacher’s level to possibly achieve that.

You search and read hateful/negative comments? You must have a strong mind.

Kyuhyun: When I go to sites like that and read curses and receive wounds, I can just go to our fansites to receive healing (laugh). I think of negative comments as another type of interest. They are saying something because they have some interest. Sometimes, there are people that are cynical about your existence itself, and curse at you but I don’t pay them any attention. It’s not that I have a steel mentality but that I look at the comments while I keep in mind that each individuals think and feel differently. I’m able to have this attitude because there are fans who love me regardless of what I do.

Because there are people who love you, you can believe them and become strong. Of course, it would be hard if there are negative comments no matter where you go (laugh).


Source: W Korea

Translated by: NKsubs @NKsubs

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