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[info] Super Show 5 in South America will be aired

MBC will broadcast our boys concert ^o^ stay tune on MBC on June 8,2013 guys. 🙂

Super Show Brazil Songlist


Super Junior’s Siwon & JYJ’s Junsu ranked as richest idols by ‘Good Morning’

Super Junior‘s Siwon has been ranked as the wealthiest idol.

On February 18, SBS‘ ‘Good Morning‘ gathered the wealthiest idols in the industry to rank them in order.

Siwon earned the top spot and is known for his wealth from being a Super Junior member, as well as his family background. On MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Leeteuk had shared, “Siwon is the number one in wealth out of all the idols. When something happens to Super Junior members, Siwon always says, ‘I’ll take care of it‘.” He also revealed on ‘Strong Heart,’ “Siwon ranked first in Super Junior’s earnings in 2011. Since he shoots many CFs in Thailand, China, and Taiwan, we can’t catch up to him.”

Then Eunhyuk added, “No matter how much we earn, it’s less than how much Siwon already has.”

Siwon was followed by JYJ‘s Junsu in second, KARA‘s Hara in third, BoA in fourth, and Big Bang‘s G-Dragon in fifth place.

baidu Music News mentioned the album will be main on Henry and Zhoumi

 Super Junior M second full length album “breakdown” will be first release on 7th at baidu music! SJ Chinese sub unit SJM going make a comeback and the members including Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, kuhyun, Henry, zhoumi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin. The album will be main on Henry and Zhoumi, and also Guangliang, korea composer Kenzie, Park Hae and many others famous composer participate in this album, 8 songs with 8 different style, pls looking forward on it!!

Super Junior’s Kangin looks like Big Bang’s T.O.P?

Super Junior‘s Kangin‘s latest selca is becoming a hot topic.


On December 28th, Kangin updated his Twitter with the post, “I’m going to do better than yesterday. I’m constantly going to do a lot lot lot… better. The weather is very cold today. Dress warmly^^,” and attached a photo of himself with a pair of sunglasses on.

His selca has been grabbing the attentio

n of both fans and netizens, surprising them with his striking resemblance to Big Bang‘s rapper T.O.P.

Upon seeing the selca, fans and netizens replied, “He really does look like T.O.P“, “Kangin looks good with white hair“, “Kangin seems to have lost a lot of weight“, “They both look very handsome“, and more.


In other news, Super Junior will be appearing on the December 31st live broadcast of the ‘2012 MBC Gayo Daejaejun‘.

What do you thin, is there a resemblance?


SM Entertainment’s dance unit ‘SM The Performance’ releases “Spectrum”


SM Entertainment‘s dance unit ‘SM The Performance‘ released their single, “Spectrum“, on the 30th.

‘SM The Performance’ consists of TVXQ‘s Yunho, Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk, SHINee‘s Minho and Taemin, and EXO‘s Kai and Lay.

Fans were able to catch the highly anticipated group perform a remix version of “Spectrum” for the first time during the ‘2012 SBS Gayo Daejun‘ held on the 29th. It has been revealed that the song’s choreography and performance was created by renowned dance team, NappyTabs, which previously collaborated with SM artists for BoA‘s “Only One” and TVXQ’s “Humanoids“, as well as BeatBurger, a DJ-team consisting of SM Entertainment’s performance directors and choreographers.

“Spectrum” was produced by DJ Zedd and is an electronic dance track which showcases the strong performance skills of the dance unit.

[schedule] 121231 Super Junior M will be attending Jiangsu Satellite Channel’s countdown concert

SJM will be attending Jiangsu Satellite Channel’s countdown concert on 12/31. will perform Perfection & Super Girl [大麦网韩国站 v Kikiikyu]

[news] Donghae movie ‘속아도 꿈결, 속여도 꿈결’ will be start filming early 2013


그룹 슈퍼주니어의 동해가 스크린 데뷔 초읽기에 나섰다.
14일 복수의 영화 관계자에 따르면 동해는 영화 ‘속아도 꿈결, 속여도 꿈결’의 남자 주인공으로 낙점됐다.  

‘속아도 꿈결, 속여도 꿈결’은 작가지망생 채이가 한 철거촌으로 들어간 뒤 수상한 동네 사람들과 생활하면서 벌어지는 이야기를 그린 작품이다. 2012 서울국제여성영화제에서 아트레온상을 수상한 강혜연 감독이 메가폰을 잡았다.

극 중 동해는 여자 주인공 채이가 좋아하는 남자 현수와 채이를 우렁각시처럼 챙기는 정우 1인 2역을 맡을 예정이다. 채이 역은 독보적인 연기력과 패셔너블한 외모를 갖춘 30대 여배우가 거론되고 있다.

앞서 동해는 드라마 ‘괜찮아 아빠딸’의 조연을 거쳐 ‘판다양과 고슴도치’의 주연을 맡으며 배우로서의 가능성을 입증했다. 영화로는 2007년 슈퍼주니어 멤버들이 총 출동한 ‘꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건’과 2011년 공연 실황인 ‘슈퍼쇼 3D’로 관객들을 만난 바 있으나 정극 연기로 데뷔하는 것은 이번이 처음이다. 한편, 영화는 2013년 개봉을 목표로 내년 초 크랭크인할 예정이다.

사진=허정민 기자 

cr. enesworld


the direct translation from the movie tittle is “Conceal and conceal again the dreams in my heart”

according to the news, donghae will be main lead and playing double role. 

[news] ‘Strong Heart’ reveals the handwritten letter from Leeteuk

Strong Heartrevealed the letter Leeteuk wrote to the show.

Eunhyuk brought out a cardboard figure of Leeteuk, and Boom read the letter out loud.

The letter read,

To the ‘Strong Heart’ family and viewers.

This is Recruit 85, Park Jung Soo, who has left the title of ‘Hallyu Star’ for a bit to become the son of Korea. I have adjusted well here, and I’m living healthily. I’ve moved on from being Super Junior‘s leader to a leader in the army.. I’ve become the squadron leader that is in charge of 240 recruits.

We have to sleep at 10 PM here, but every time I lie down, I think of Shin Dong Yup hyung’s 19+ comments, so I can’t sleep. I imagine it here, and I’m really going to go crazy. Until the day I return from the army, everyone be healthy and happy. But is July 29th, 2014 coming at all…? I’ll work hard in the army and come back. Devotion!

He also added a message to the permanent panelists on the show, writing,

Eunhyuk, you were happy when I left, right? You don’t have that much time left (before going to the army) as well. Dong Wook hyung, I’m going to congratulate you early on your Variety New Face award. Boom hyung, don’t come alone when you come see me. I’m being serious. Also, I learned something new when I came to the army. Some of the other soliders told me that Jung Joo Ri and Park Kyung Lim noonas were beautiful. It was quite a shock.

Seems like Leeteuk is doing fine at the army!

Video Directions to Mouse Rabbit coffee – Yesung and Jongjin’s cafe


Subway line #2: Konkuk University station, Exit #2 – Once you get out from the exit, turn left and walk straight. When you get to the first street light and see the Samsung Mobile store turn left into the alley street. Walk straight and you will see Mouse Rabbit coffee.

Subway line #7: Konkuk University station, Exit #3 –  Take the escalators up and take a U-turn. Walk straight to the first light and cross the street. Walk down the alley street beside Samsung Mobile store and you will see Mouse Rabbit coffee, it’s really big so you can’t miss it!^^

cr. sjissj