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[pict] don’t underestimated ELF and Super Junior relationship

[pict] don't underestimated ELF and Super Junior relationship

SJ and ELF always together 🙂

[HD Fancam/Full Show] 130616 SS5 Hongkong

Cr. Super Junior baidu bar

130608 Ryeowook twitter update

130608 Ryeowook twitter update

The truth is, wherever the place is, being on stage always brings me happiness ^^ Thank you to the PD-nim who organized the program ~ kya kya Kyuhyun-ah you should have used your evil words during narration too ㅋㅋ You were too nice(.) Anyways SuJu Jjang (is the best) ~b
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Super Junior’s Siwon kisses Oh Ji Eun after eating garlic on The King Of Dramas

Super Junior’s Siwon kisses Oh Ji Eun after eating garlic on The King Of Dramas

Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) takes revenge on Min Ah (played by Oh Ji Eun) by shooting a kissing scene with her after eating lots of garlic.

In the episode of SBS TV’s drama series The King Of Dramas that aired on December 11, Hyun Min and Min Ah strike sparks off each other before shooting a kissing scene.

The relationship between Hyun Min and Min Ah, who don’t like each other much, gets worse as they put each other through trouble during a shooting in a cold weather. Hyun Min intentionally makes mistakes in the scene of Min Ah kneels down, and Min Ah intentionally makes mistakes in the scene of her slapping Hyun Min in the face.

As there’s a kissing scene in the next episode, they go and see writer Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and say they cannot shoot a kissing scene. However, the director threatens them saying he will become an alcoholic again if they don’t shoot the scene, and they reluctantly decide to shoot the scene. Before shooting the kissing scene, they warn each other saying, “Brush your teeth four times” and “Don’t forget to have your teeth scaled.”

However, Hyun Min eats lots of garlic before shooting the kissing scene and takes revenge on Min Ah. Min Ah gets surprised by a smell of garlic from Hyun Min’s mouth and asks him to brush his teeth in a rage.

Besides in the episode, Go Eun spots Min Ah kissing Anthony and gets shocked.

Nail & Foot Spa Facebook Update with sungmin

Nail & Foot Spa Facebook Update with sungmin