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[fan acc] 140621 Yesung in Y Style

He wears a grey suit, sunglasses, spotted tie, black bag and brown leather shoes. 
He took photos for the fans but he intentionally blocked the lens which made the fans laughed XD
then he took selcas with fans and he’s now charging his cellphone XD

 Yesung has good mood today XD He chatted with fans and said OMG loudly XDDDD Read the rest of this entry

140620 Yesung instagram update


오랜만에 셀카유 ~^^ #yesung #mouserabbit

A selca after a long time ~^^ #yesung #mouserabbit

[pic] 140413 Ryu Doyeon instagram update with Yesung


[info] 140412 New WHYSTYLE store will open up in Beijing this coming April 18 , 2014


IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Mouse Rabbit.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Mouse Rabbit. It’s okay for first-time visitors or visitors to Mouse Rabbit to take photos of Mouse Rabbit’s exterior, but please DO NOT go up the steps of the shops outside Mouse Rabbit to take photos, or continuously hover outside of Mouse Rabbit, because this disrupts the business operations of the nearby shops. Many people from the nearby shops came over to complain about the inconvenience caused to them today. Yemom told us about this problem seriously and told us to upload this on Twitter. This is also uploaded on Woonvoice’s Twitter.


130825 Yesung twitter update

고맙고 보고싶다 ELF

trans : thanks, i want to see you elf


[fanacc] 130815 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit

Not sure what cartoon my son has been watching recently, but he was acting as if he was a kitty (when we were queuing). He was asking me to play with him as a kitty talking like ‘Meow~Meow~’, so I did.

When it was my turn to order, I stopped playing with my son and also stopped him from doing the ‘Meow’ing too.

But when I was going to leave after ordering, Jongwoon suddenly smiled at my son and said ‘Meow Meow~’ My son also replied to him a ‘Meow~’…

I was smiling like a fool at that point. I am so jealous of my son. What should I do?

Cr. _Momo_Kim | Tran: @siohappy



[PICTS]Super Junior at SM.Art Exhibition | part 6


120618 SM, KH, LT, YS @ SMTOWN I AM Press Premiere

ImageImage, Image, ImageesungImage