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[pict/official] 140622 Sukira official update – Ryeowook [12p]


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[pict] 140621 Tony Moly PH update – Ryeowook


[picts] 140621 Ryeowook at Sukira [3p]


cr. HearingRW

happy ryeowook’s day

140621 Ryeowook twitter update [2]

내 맘속에 들어와 ♡


140621 Siwon twitter update [1]

happy birthday my brother always love you :^)


[Fancam] 140620 Ryeowook after KTR (BIRTHDAY!)

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[vid] 140620 Sukira – Ryeowook’s mum voice message

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140621 Ryeowook twitter update



생일 축하해주신 분들 감사합니다 ^^ 모여모여 ><

trans : thank you to all who sent me birthday greetings ^^ gather gather ><



[eng trans] 140620 Sukira – Message from Ryeowook’s Mother

Ryeowook-ah, it’s your mom.
Your mother is always sorry that she cannot make you seaweed soup on your birthday. Even though I only have one child, Ryeowook-ee.
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[VID] 140620 Super idol Chart show – Wook call out to hyuk