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[picts/interview] W Korea July Isssue – Kyuhyun [3p]


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[picts] 140621 Kyuhyun at ICN airport (going to Taiwan) [9p] | part 1



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[pict] 140621 Handsome Kyu after SIngin’ in the Rain



cr ParkYumi92

[fancam] 140620 Kyuhyun after Singin’ in the Rain musical

fancam by KM Cholee 

fancam by Hee Young Park

[vid/cut] 140618 Radio Star – With MC Kyuhyun

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part 2, here


140620 Kyuhyun twitter update



오늘 드디어 비오는 Singing in the rain^^ 어제 공연 끝나고 우연히 모니터를 봤는데.. 마지막까지 연주하는 오케스트라 보며, 자리를 지키고 끝까지 박수 쳐주는 관객들 모습에 왠지 뭉클.. 멋져요

Singing in the rain finally on a rainy day today^^ Yesterday, after the performance, I, by chance, saw the monitor.. saw the orchestra playing all the way until the end, the audience staying in place to clap till the end(.) Somehow, I was choked up/very touched.. So cool

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[Fancam] 140620 Kyuhyun arriving for Singin’ in the Rain

Cr KM Cholee

Jihye instagram update with Kyuhyun


[pic] KyuLine’s ABS haha



Kyu is always watching [4p] -_____-