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[fan acc] 140621 Yesung in Y Style

He wears a grey suit, sunglasses, spotted tie, black bag and brown leather shoes.ย 
He took photos for the fans but he intentionally blocked the lens which made the fans laughed XD
then he took selcas with fans and he’s now charging his cellphone XD

ย Yesung has good mood today XD He chatted with fans and said OMG loudly XDDDD Read the rest of this entry


[Fanacc] KyuMin Moment at SS5 Tokyo Backstage –

SS5 Tokyo Day 1

I really dunno if I could share info. You know how backstage people works. They’re not allowed to say anything that could get the idols in trouble plus I’m just an assistant staff not official and I might get Rikka’s aunt in trouble, but since I love you and trust you effin effin much I’ll spill the beans. :”>I’m sorry, as much as I would looooooove to take pictures, again, I am not an official staff and most KR head staffs are sctrict. T^T So it’s really up to you if you’ll believe me tho I know you two will~ย This is my whole account of Day 1~~ Read the rest of this entry