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[ENG SUB] ELLE Magazine July issue Making with Donghae

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[HD Scan] ‘Elle’ Magazine July Issue – Donghae [5p]

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[Trans] 140620 Donghae’s interview for ELLE Magazine 

“My dad always tells me that no matter where I go, I must become a role model for others. When I entered SM as trainee I washed a lot of plates and cups when other finished eating and drinking. Teuk passed by once and saw me: “Who asked you to clean up all these?” Then I answered: I learned all these from my dad. From then on, Teuk Hyung loved me and doted on me, he will bring me along wherever he goes. “

” Our members are the kind of people that will listen to you. If something upsets us, we are not afraid to talk about it first, rather than keeping it inside. And when we fight, we make sure we solve all our problems correctly. ” 

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[HD Scan] 40620 ‘ELLE’ Magazine July Issue – Donghae [2p]



[picts] 140618 ELLE korea Magazine [ July edition ] – Donghae [2p]