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[vid/cut] 140618 Radio Star – With MC Kyuhyun

part 1, here

part 2, here


140620 Kyuhyun twitter update



오늘 드디어 비오는 Singing in the rain^^ 어제 공연 끝나고 우연히 모니터를 봤는데.. 마지막까지 연주하는 오케스트라 보며, 자리를 지키고 끝까지 박수 쳐주는 관객들 모습에 왠지 뭉클.. 멋져요

Singing in the rain finally on a rainy day today^^ Yesterday, after the performance, I, by chance, saw the monitor.. saw the orchestra playing all the way until the end, the audience staying in place to clap till the end(.) Somehow, I was choked up/very touched.. So cool

trans : WorldwideELFs

140620 Zhoumi Weibo update




Going to Taiwan tomorrow, are you all ready? [heart] Singing <Blind> for the first time for everyone in Taiwan! trans : WorldwideELFs

140620 Hangeng Weibo Update with Michael Bay (Producer of Transformers)


140620 Michael Bay’s Instagram update with Hangeng


140620 kkim_soll IG video updated Heechul recording GOFIT


140620 音乐风云榜 Weibo Update – Hangeng playing a guitar


[Trans] 140620 Donghae’s interview for ELLE Magazine 

“My dad always tells me that no matter where I go, I must become a role model for others. When I entered SM as trainee I washed a lot of plates and cups when other finished eating and drinking. Teuk passed by once and saw me: “Who asked you to clean up all these?” Then I answered: I learned all these from my dad. From then on, Teuk Hyung loved me and doted on me, he will bring me along wherever he goes. “

” Our members are the kind of people that will listen to you. If something upsets us, we are not afraid to talk about it first, rather than keeping it inside. And when we fight, we make sure we solve all our problems correctly. ” 

[Cr : estarSTAR via sj_iriszhu] 

[HD Scan] 40620 ‘ELLE’ Magazine July Issue – Donghae [2p]



140620 Yesung instagram update


오랜만에 셀카유 ~^^ #yesung #mouserabbit

A selca after a long time ~^^ #yesung #mouserabbit