[Fanacc] KyuMin Moment at SS5 Tokyo Backstage –

SS5 Tokyo Day 1

I really dunno if I could share info. You know how backstage people works. They’re not allowed to say anything that could get the idols in trouble plus I’m just an assistant staff not official and I might get Rikka’s aunt in trouble, but since I love you and trust you effin effin much I’ll spill the beans. :”>I’m sorry, as much as I would looooooove to take pictures, again, I am not an official staff and most KR head staffs are sctrict. T^T So it’s really up to you if you’ll believe me tho I know you two will~ย This is my whole account of Day 1~~

SJ arrived in Japan. I wasn’t able to stalk cuz we need to be early at the venue. BUT! My stalking buddies told me that it seems after the RS guesting, KM seems to be close again. CLOSER THAN BEFORE. :)))

July 27

Arrival at the venue. I am dead sleepy because I am excited. /facepalm Fixing the backstage make up room. I actually bought new set of make up for them. KR staffs said I’m too kind. Kkkkk!! /pakitang gilas much XD

Lunch break. I asked one of the KR staffs about SJ’s skinship and she said EunHae acts like a newly wed couple. Flirting here and there. LOL! KyuMin is a mysterious couple. They may seldom do fanservice on stage but she said, I’ll see alot of KyuMin backstage. I AM LOOKING FORWARD. ๐Ÿ˜€

I really dunno the time. My phone is in my bag inside the lockers and all the while after lunch, I was nervous. This is it. I heard the staffs say ‘They’re here. Please get ready’. TBH I want to scream out and do the fangirl panic/kilig attack BUT I CAN’T. I MUST NOT.

Finally, after minutes, they arrive inside the make up room. I see KyuMin. I want to die. TT Kung di lang ako kinalbit ni tita baka nagtaka na sila bakit natulala ako. Yung feeling na bakit di pa ko lamunin ng lupa kasi hindi ko na kaya! ;; My heart is beating faster than the bullet train.

Yes, KyuMin entered the room together ofc w/ the members. They greeted us and bowed and thanked us. I smiled at KH and SM and they smiled back. /KILIGGGGGGGGGG

They did rehearsals first then after a while, work started. I was in charge of applying foundations. DH is so playful! He keeps on asking me how I learn how to apply make up and EH keeps on telling him to keep quiet. Lol. SM and KH are sitting beside each other talking abt the Hyuna perf. SM IS GIGGLING LIKE A GIRL. /rolls eyes HOW COULD YOU?! XD Henry is sooo cute!! I want to squash his cheeks and ZM is just so freaking freaking tall~ his legs are like longer than a meter stick. /of course I am exaggerating :3 They’re all kind and they talk abt the members in the milirary even Geng and Kibum. RW said YS is bummed cuz it’s the first time he’s not in Japan. Lol. Jongwoon please. Tokyo is in you. XD

Before the show started, SW gathered everyone in a prayer. THE MAN KNOWS HOW TO PRAY. AMEN. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t help but feel kilig because KM’s eyes are closed while they’re praying and their standing beside each other. They all said ‘amen!’ like a family. SW prayed for the members who can’t be w/ them and he thanked God for the ELFs. I feel so lucky. :”>

After the first perf, I decided to give out the towels and water bottles. Kahit pagod, tuloy parin sa kulitan! ๐Ÿ˜€ KH took a water bottle from me. Drank from it and yes, he gave it to SM. Indirect kiss I can’t asdf. TT

Before Ice Cream perf, KH hit SM’s butt playfully! SM looking sexily at KH. FUCKSHIT. TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH. TT

SM wiping KH’s back. Too cute! Baby niya si Kyu. Ano pang magagawa ko? XD

KH: I want my kid to look like Sungmin-ah.
SM: No, I want my kid to look like you.
Me: Why don’t you just have kids? LOL.
KH: /laughs/ Aigoo~ Yeobo~
SM: Aish. Shut up. Kkkkk~!

Most of the time backstage, they are often together. Kangin was like ‘Ya, you two, don’t be obvious’ XD SW tried to sit beside SM when they were being fixed for Alone perf, but KH was a bully! He keeps on getting SM attention so that SW won’t talk to him. BRAT. XD

After the show, KyuMin thanked me and I joked that they should try imitating EunHae. SM said if they did like EunHae, there’s no more thrill and he playfully wrapped his arms around KH’s arms.

For the hotel account, I’m sorry. I was really tired. I had to run to assist some staffs making sure I get to see KyuMin whenever they go backstage. Our room was 6 rooms away from SJ and security’s kinda strict. They might suspect me if I crept and stalked so I waited until 11pm and checked if the coast was clear. I was not sure who were roommates or who were inside but I can still hear EunHae’s laughter and I was startled when RW went outside his room and I was outside his door. He was like, yes? Can I help you? and I just shook my head.

It’s just so amazing that they managed to do a VCR for YS. A lot of J-ELFs miss him and my YeWon friends are so sad that their OTP is not on the show. Yes, I heard a staff said that YS was crying after KH revealed their surprise. KH placed the phone on loud speaker and they heard him sobbing. ;;

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this~ Hwaiting for Day 2!! :3

Onee-chan&& Aoi baby, I miss you oh so much. TT (Please say hello to Ayen nee-chan for me ^^) I hope this made you happy with kahit madaming problema. See you here soon? ๐Ÿ˜€ I love youuuu!! :*


Day 2

I woke up early today. It’s around 4:50 AM. I tried to peek outside our room only to see KH going in one of the rooms. /WTF is he doing at 4:50AM? O.o

Later that morning, on breakfast, I heard that KH went inside a room not his. IDK if it was SM’s room but I know SM, KH, EH and DH had breakfast together. That was what one of the staff in charge with food told me.

SW looking for the gym. He’s a gym-a-holic. /if there is such a word. XD

I’ll continue my story later because I need to get prepared and I need to meet my friends before Day 2. BRB.

Back again in Tokyo Dome backstage for Day 2! :))

I got the chance to talk to KH&SM separately but it was just a short conversation. I think they could feel I’m a shipper because whenever I see them together, SM manages to look at me. /facepalm ninja skills are getting low TT

Me: Japan is really special you think?
KH: Every country is. We always look forward.
Me: So there are still few stops before the tour ends!
KH: Yeah.. Uh, Bangkok, Malaysia and Philipine.
Me: Philippines.
KH: Philippine. Manila?
Me: /I want to hit this guy seriously -_-“/ Ah… Philippine ELFs are wild.
KH: Yes. And loud.

Me: Not spending wine time with Sungmin?
KH: Busy. He’s always not in the dorm.
Me: Do you go in his room?
KH: OUR other wines are there.
Me: Why don’t you have pets?
KH: Because we’re full of animals in the dorm. Sungmin-ah has a lot.

Me: How’s school?
KH: Fine. Really easy.
Kangin: You always are like that.
KH: /laughs/

I handed SM a water bottle.

SM: Thank you~
Me: Feeling nervous?
SM: A bit? /aegyo smile/
Me: You’re SJ. You always do great.
SM: /nods/
Me: What do you think about people shipping you and Kyuhyun?
SM: /smiles/ Well… I really don’t know but… thanks I guess. Kyuhyun is a really special member to me.
Me: Because? /I can see him blushing a bit/
SM: We’re roommates!
Me: Anyway! I watched the episode of Radio Star and about you and him being distant?
SM: I try to text him if I have spare time but I’m really busy~~ But he would reply like, take care and don’t over exert yourself and stuff.
Me: Did you miss him?
SM: I miss all of the members but I’m happy because we all got together when filming Hero.

Gaah. I can only look at them on the mirrors because if I turn my head to really look at them, SM would like smile and move away a bit. WHY IS HE SO GOOD IN CATCHING PEOPLE? XD But all the time backstage, they were always together. Now I’m seeing KH sweetness to SM. Biruin mo ‘yon. LMAO. XD

Oh! And I just really want to share this! HAHAHA! XD

Me: You are really pretty. Prettier than a girl.
SM: Thank you!
Me: Why Ice Cream? Why not Troublemaker?
SM: /laughs/ NO! I can’t. Too sexy. And I can’t dance with male dancer.
Me: Then dance with the members. KH could be Hyunseung-ssi.
SM: We actually thought about that but he said he’s not ready for that.
Me: So you mean you and KH thought about doing Troublemaker?
SM: No, I just asked him what if we did it.
Me: /DID WHAT? SEX? XD/ People will die.
SM: I agree.

I am happy I got the chance to talk to well, almost all of them since this is also their last day and my last day. Thankfully, another Super Show ended successfully and we are always looking forward. ^^

I did not went back to the hotel though I was personally invited to the after concert celebration beause I have seen enough to know how much real my/our OTP is. I guess I won’t be assisting my bestfriend’s aunt for sometime and just think about the wonderful memories I made. ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to post my picture with Kyuhyun and HyunaMing but it’s confidential. Maybe I’ll post it if the right time comes but not today. I don’t want to be the reason of people getting in trouble.

And so ends my full account of SS5 Tokyo backstage. ๐Ÿ˜€

I want to see you both here really soon, okay?! TTYL. :*

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  1. lokohin mo lelang mo teh.. akala ko ba bawal magshare ng info backstage? bakit mo pa rin shinare? i’m sure rikka’s aunt is in trouble now if this is really true..

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