[INFO] 130820 Kyuhyun graduates! “Life in University is also sincere and down-to-earth”

90% attendance in Kyunghee University, actively participating in school activities. 

20 August 2013, accordingly to Kyunghee University, Super Junior Kyuhyun (26 years old, full name Cho Kyuhyun), who is currently studying in Post-modern Music Department, will be receiving his graduation certificate (bachelor degree) in the post-degree ceremony on 21 August 2013.

Different from other artists, the reason why Kyuhyun is receiving much attention this time round is due to his sincere, down-to-earth attitude displayed through his high attendance of over 90% and more.

Kyuhyun not only completed all 130credits (professional studies is 76credits) that is required for his graduation, his thesis based on each of his performance and promotional activities are receiving good comments from his Professors. 

Other behavior such as not being absent from various school events and performances such as graduation concert, also received very good appraisals. The graduation concert held in last year December, the video of Kyuhyun and his fellow schoolmates performed “Etude of Memory”* (*기억의습작, performed in Immortal Song 2), has gathered a lot of popularity on the Internet.

Kyuhyun said, “Artists entered university through special admissions. Although I can attend classes as and when I desire and at my comfort, but I can feel the passion for studies from the students who entered universities through the difficult high-school examinations. ” and also express,”If I have class, I will sleep at a friend’s house who is near the school, one night before. In the morning I will attend class, at night I will participate in study group.”

He also said, “I learn a lot in university, and this will help a lot to me as a singer with activities.” and also indicated, “Even though I am relieved that I graduated, but I regret having to part with the mates who always gave me a lot of help.”

Kyuhyun will further his studies (to take masters) and enter the same department at Kyunghee University next month.

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