[fancams] 130810-12 Super Show 5 in Taiwan


Marry U – sungmin focused | bananaman

Alone – Sungmin focused | bananaman


Club no 1 – Kyuhyun sungmin focused | kyuhyun j

So Cold – Eunhyuk focused

Shake it up – Donghae focused

Harlem Shake – Eunhyuk focused


TALK 1 *0.52 Kyu : Sungmin is cute,Sungmin is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ kyumin* | Caihua

Go + Shake It Up + Rockstar |ย 0716medo

Fan support project during Encore, ELF all singing “From U”ย  | Sb Wu

KRY singing “๋จน์ง€ / Gray Paper” |ย 0716medo

Sunny + Dancing Out |ย 0716medo

Daydream | 0716medo

Daydream | .ๆ™šๆ–ฐ ็‰›

Club no 1 – sungmin focused | caihua

Show me your love – sungmin focused | caihua

Marry U Fan Support “Oppa.. I will answer tmr” |ย 6X9RYOKYU

Marry U fan project “Oppa, Answer you tomorrow”

– part 1

– part 2

Marry U (EunHae sweet backhug moment!) | ๅพฎๅš @ๆฑŸๆฑŸJiangJiang_

Aloneย  | ๆฑŸๆฑŸJiangJiang_ *HyunMin almost been bullied at the ending!*

Siwon disturbing + Sungmin’s high kick

Marry U + Fan Project + Members comments |ย :ๆตทๆตท ๆž—

So I – sungmin focused | Kyuhyun J

Intro | Kyuhyun J

Rainbow sea fan project during So I | Ashlee Wu

– part 1

part 2


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