[fanart] KyuMin – Kyuhyun throws dolls to SnoreMing and kisses him



based onย  this

130806 Sukira- RW: right now, Sungmin-ssi and Kyuhyun-ssi aren’t sharing rooms anymore, but Sungmin-ssi has bad sleeping habits too. He snores a lot. When he’s tired, it is worse, according to Kyuhyun-ssi. And Kyuhyun-ssi’s bed is apart from Sungmin-ssi’s bed, and there are lots of dolls around. Then (Kyuhyun) would throw them one by one (to snoring sungmin)! Bam!! When he throws, SM would go “ak!!” Then go quiet. When he snores loudly again, (Kyuhyun) would throw another.!!! Kkk he makes him stop snoring with pain kkk
[trans by NKSubs]


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