130728 Super Show 5 Tokyo day 2 Fanaccount

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DAY 2 Fanaccount!

Okay so we got there a little bit late lmfao when we got there, the VCR had already started but we managed to find our seats in time for the ending of the VCR! Besides I’ve already watched all the VCRs before multiple times so it wasn’t super important for me to watch them all lmfao. Was directly overlooking the left side of the main stage and front row so I was really excited for day 2. However if they were at the main stage I couldn’t really see them very well sad. I was also in a less crowded area so I had to tweet less which means that also this might be less detailed than yesterday depending!

Mr Simple starting was so super cool I could see the dance breaks more clearly right now and omg when EunHae were doing the dances on the moving platform it was so cool! I screamed my head off when I saw Sungmin on screen because holy freaking crap he had cornrows down the right side of his hair and omfg that was so freaking HOT. After his Bonamana part at the side stage, he was a bit later than the rest so he really had to run and omg hahaha his pants were really really tight. The screams for HenMi during Super Girl were really really really loud and I think Henry got a bit excited because he shrugged his jacket half off during his solo dance and everybody went mad!

Ment was a bit hard again because again I do not speak Japanese at all lmfao. But when Sungmin was talking he put his two hands up to his chin like the flower boy pose and acted cute hahaha. Siwon said that we were very pretty, we were the best and that we were kawaii omg he was so greasy I wanted to punch him in the face!! Donghae was speaking Jap so fluently and fast everybody was shocked! He was really happy to be performing for the second year in Tokyo Dome omg he was so cute. Kyu was being greasy too! He asked if we really wanted to meet him and did his weird amusement park dance hahaha. I think Hyukjae was really really warm, he took off his jacket and tossed it somewhere or something and was just doing the ment in his sexy black wifebeater DIES and he told us to get excited until we all completely lost our voice! Henry did kombawaaaAAAAaaaaAAA and held it while going higher and higher until his voice cracked PMSL. Hyuk came over immediately and touched his neck hehehe so cute. Henry said watashiwa kawaii des (Hyuk slapped him), then watashiwa sexy des (and got slapped again) and finally watashiwa handsome des and Hyukjae just gave up and told him no no sexy des hahaha. They all baby him so much it was so cute.

Neorago was gorgeous AS USUAL I teared up again at the beginning. Ryeowook imitated Jongwoon’s style of singing and knelt down on the ground for the high note hehe. Hero was as amazing as I remembered hehe. I was shrieking at this point because my twitter notified me that Jongwoon had tweeted the Grey Paper fancam of yesterday lmfao. Sexy Free and Single had new suits with white, black and grey for different members and all with studs and spikes AND HELLO ROCKER SUJU YOU ARE SO FREAKING HOT I DIE. Hyukjae tossed his jacket aside for Boom Boom and OI HYUKJAE STOP KILLING ME PLEASE. Sungmin’s hips were so freaking smooth and omfg stop it Sungmin I’m going to die someday and it will be your fault. Hyukjae was wearing his black gloves again and he didn’t bother putting on his jacket for Club No 1. The camera focused a lot on Sungmin again and I could see him pretend kissing the dancer noon while Hae pretend kissed dancer noon’s neck omfg. DONGHAE WAS NOT WEARING A SHIRT UNDER HIS JACKET FOR SO COLD I SAW HAE NIPPLES WHEN HE JUMPED LOLOL THAT’S ABOUT ALL I REMEMBER FOR COLD LOL. Jap ballad was so much better because the sound system was slightly better. Still a bit wonky but less staticky than the day before.

I was mentally preparing myself for Harlem Shake already BUT WHEN HYUKJAE CAME OUT IN THE NEW BLACK FUR COAT I COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND OMFG IT LOOKED SO MUCH HOTTER. At the final part when Donghae and Shindong joined Hyuk in hip thrusting Shindong purposely yanked his fur coat further off!!!! THANK YOU SHINDONG LOL. And then after our ovaries died my hands shrivelled up because crossdressing performance ahahahaha Siwon winked at the end of his performance and then waggled his eyebrows I almost threw up hahahaha. Ryeowook came out super super shy and used his pigtails to cover his face D’AWWWWW. Then he did the peace sign at the end of it. Kangin was trying to be sexy and bit his finger!! Sungmin started out kneeling on the ground looking so pretty DEAD and he did many many many body waves!! THIS BASTARD DID A KISS AND THEN LICKED HIS LIPS AT THE END I ALMOST FELL OFF THE BALCONY. For Alone, Ryeowook came out with a new wig that was long and wavy kinda like Sungmin’s, but with all the hair pulled off to the side! At the last part where they usually walk around while lifting their legs Sungmin just stood to the side and posed with his hand on his hip with a super proud expression on his face judging Kangin and Ryeowook running around lol. Siwon danced to him but then slid an arm around his shoulders and judged the other two too hehe. IWD after that! After the spinning Donghae was laughing so much and he fell onto Hyukjae and it was so cute they were just hugging and laughing and AWWW SO CUTE. They did the same Hae slapping and then Hyuk blowing on his finger then poking Hae’s palm and Hae pretended to have a heart attack lmfao but he was laughing so hard it looked so cute.

Break Down in Chinese!!! Kyu finally had a different shirt it was like grey and red with tie dye prints. Sungmin changed his outfit too! He was wearing a Boy London tank top that Siwon had worn before on the Chinese show The Challenger BUT OMG SUNGMIN’S ARMS WERE SO SEXY IN IT I SCREAMED AND SCARED ALL THE JAPANESE AROUND ME LOL. Sungmin the manwhore was going around giving kisses to everyone in the arena seats during A-YO lol baby why didn’t you come to my side and give some to me too I was waiting for you!!! I didn’t pay attention to anything else that was happening even as Kyu came by in the cart because I was so busy watching Sungmin but Kyu was jumping very happily at all the upper floors that’s all I know lmfao. Zhou Mi was super smiley and laughing during Go even as he sang hehe I think he really felt the love for the fans! SHAKE IT UP!. Kangin Kyu and Hyuk grabbed Hae immediately lol, Kangin his shoulders, Kyu his waist and Hyuk his hair PMSL then WonHyuk grabbed Kyu but Kyu pushed them all away with a weird look on his face lol. Sungmin hips again I only saw hips everywhere loll.

ROCKSTARRRRRR NEEDS AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH ON ITS OWN HOLY FREAKING CRAP. They replaced the words ‘It’s so hot’ with ‘Tokyo Dome’ and everyone went insaneeeeee. Hyuk was topless first today! Like almost immediately hehe and then the next thing I know I look at the screen and Donghae was already shirtless and all wet! I didn’t even realised he took off his shirt! After the first play, Shindong kept yelling ‘Say Lockstar!!!!’ Lmfao I was laughing so hard. Siwon was topless for second encore and he just kept latching on and hugging Donghae and HELLO SKIN. EunSiHae were left on main stage for third encore and Kangin at the back and then Shindong came facing out with all the dancers lmfao. EunSiHae on a single platform is way too much I honestly could not take it I wanted to die omg. Hyuk then said in English ‘Do you want a Kangin?!’ HELL YEAH I WANT A KANGIN GIVE ME ONE. Then he said ‘Kangin solo one more time’ and I was sad lmfao but KANGIN DID BODY WAVES then he went to disturb all the dancers and then he was doing a weird dance with Shindong lmfao so cute. Hyuk: ‘Donghae one more time!’ and this MOTHERFUCKER poured water all over himself and then into his mouth and smiled without he cutest smile ever and Zureq and I were dying all over the place. Siwon did some weird hip gyration thing for his solo time and then went over to do it with Donghae too! He grabbed a towel and started pretending to clean his back and then Hyuk ran a hand up his spine and HELLO WHAT HETEROSEXUALITY LOL. They all had another encore and then it was Hyuk solo time and he poured water on himself too MOTHERFUCK and then sprayed it into the air and started doing hip stuff too omg I wanted to die SO MANY ENCORES FOR THE FREAKING DVD.

I started sobbing at Grey Paper again. What does it matter that I saw the video yesterday I was still so emotional it was almost hilarious lmfao but it was so beautiful honestly and when his voice came out I lost it completely lmfao. I was still crying over it through Daydream but Daydream sounded so much better today with the better sound system! After that Hyuk kept singing parts of Grey Paper and saying ‘I am Yesung des’ hehehe they miss their hung so much. Hyuk said even if Yesung is not here, we are here to send his love to you and then I lost it again hahaha. Kyuhyun said that last night after the concert they called Jongwoon to tell him about the project and Jongwoon cried a little bit over the phone omg I miss the man so much I want to cry right now thinking about it and I’m in the plane typing up the fanaccount hahahaha I have to maintain myself. Hyuk said that he wanted to pick a Teuk solo to give him tribute too but he couldn’t pick a nice one and he said that nothing Teuk does is good jokingly hahaha. Talking about Heechul, they said they knew that everyone is waiting for him and that if he takes good care of his body, he can come back to the stage soon! Ryeowook told us to be very patient and wait for the KRY album that will be released and possible ;;;;; After that Sungmin was saying something and then he went blank for awhile and then Shindong and Siwon were teasing him because he was so blur. Hyuk said he was handsome and then Siwon ran over to kiss him on the cheek!!!! I screamed so freaking loud and long OMFG SIMIN RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES I DIED THAT NIGHT I JUST SIMPLY DIED. Oh and Hyuk said that the second day show would be made into DVD!!!! So we had to perform well and they made us do some test screaming haha.

Ballad medley was GORGEOUS and Shindong and Siwon hugged in the middle of the stage. Sungmin and Siwon were shaking hands when together on the platform and Sungmin had to tiptoe to put his arms around Siwon’s shoulders IT WAS SO CUTEEEEE. We had a super good view of Hyukjae riding a bicycle to get back to the main stage hehehe. Heroes Junior came out with Tuxedo!!! Hyukjae and Ryeowook were walking very cutely together hehe and Iron Man Hae was acting really cute and dumb and firing his repulsers at us haha. Donghae stole Sungmin’s martial arts stick so he could fight with Kyuhyun and Sungmin walked off looking sad lol. When he got it back later he was marching like a little soldier holding his stick out like a baton lol. Wonder Boy was so cute honestly I was just giggling through the entire thing.

For Sunny, Donghae started off sitting on the floor and just posing with his finger gun under his chin and refusing to move until everybody saw him lol. Mi and Hyuk were acting really dumb together and doing something like the Sherlock running dance move but Mi’s legs were so obviously much longer than Hyukjae’s PMSL. Then for Dancing Out, EunHae pretended to be sprinters together but Hae stopped midway and Hyuk continued running alone lolol. Sungmin just stood at one point and kept popping his hips eel I wish I was there.

Shindong stuck a piece of confetti across his forehead and kept pointing to all the signatures on it and telling us that it was special. Hyuk said the gold one was like money haha and they all scolded him. When they announced Hero’s first on the charts they said yesterday’s screams were louder so they announced it again to get the reaction they wanted and did their CONGRATULATIONS dance!!! Kyu was jumping up and down and kicking everywhere! Hyuk said that he waited his 28 years for the Hero album lmfao that cheeseball. He also imitated the cameramen lol and I /think/ he cut Sungmin’s talking off again loll. When they announced Osaka Siwon fell to his knee and was shaking and Henry had to help him up and drag him off loll. Siwon Henry and Donghae pretended to cry after that lmfao. Hyuk said something then and KyuMin were arguing with him together hehehe. Then Hyuk said that it was his dad’s birthday and I think they were doing the thing where in Korea you get the number of hits your birthday age is so he was forced to the floor and they play stepped on him haha.

Then they said it was time for them to propose and it was Marry you time! EunHae sang with their arms around each other shoulders!!! Sungmin was being really sweet everywhere cries why didn’t you come to my side cries everywhere. After that Hyukjae asked if we were married now and said that we were all husband and wife! Sungmin was singing marry you acapella in the background and omg it was so beautiful it is going to be in the DVD I CRY SO FREAKING MUCH. After that he was holding Kangin’s hand and singing Marry You I DIED TEN TIMES OVER OMG. Hyuk asked for his yeobo I think and Wook answered so they linked hands and then Wook said ‘wah so ugly’ lol. After they bowed really long KangMin walked off with their hands around each other’s shoulders CRIES. Sorry Sorry’s dibidibidi oh part at the end only had HyukMin doing it! I don’t know where the other two were but it was still super super cool! BAMBINA WAS GORGEOUS. They went to the carts again and WonKyu came by first and this time they were focusing on waving at the balcony level and I was right in front so they definitely saw me and OMFG WONKYU WAVED AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I DIED. Sungmin gave us all kisses but didn’t see my board because he turned around 😦 SUNGMIN WAE YOU NO LOVE ME. I really love Bambina’s choreo though omfg it’s such an awesome song and the choreo is so cute.

Sapphire Blue was super cute they all put on the baseball jerseys! Sungmin put on the black commemoration shirt that was only for the boys and staff I think and Ryeowook put it around his neck. HenMi didn’t have the shirts though BUT ZHOUMI TOOK OFF HIS JACKET AND HELLO WIFEBEATER HE WAS SO HAPPY AND HIGH AND RUNNING AROUND ALL SWEATY EEP. Donghae was trying to do a backflip but failed at first lmfao and he just rolled around laughing for awhile before succeeding the second time hehe cute baby. Ending Ment was really touching. Shindong talked about the dream singers had of Tokyo Dome, actually many of them did later and wondered if they would be able to go back next year to Tokyo Dome. Sungmin told us all that he liked us a lot and told us to go on a date together after the concert OKAY BABY I WILL. WAIT FOR ME OKAy. TEXT ME THE ADDRESS AND TIME TO MEET. Yes now back to fanaccount lol. Donghae was doing well in Jap until he got stuck on one phrase and then Sungmin tried to help him but gave up and instead just told Donghae to say aishiteru and be done with it lmfao. But Donghae told us that he was working really hard to study his Jap. Kyu said that he was not studying hard but learning stupid phrases lol. He was being cheesy and told us that since we were here he would protect us D’AWWW. Henry was talking about his solo in English and the translator was stunned for awhile lmfao. Kyu and Mi were like EHHHHHHHH and then he switched back to Korean and he did a bit of Trap. Omg I miss Trap I wish I could watch it live again ;_;

We did the sapphire blue waves again! Hyuk said that it felt like they were living in the sea and Wook told him that he was a squid lol So I project was successful again! Hae looked like he was tearing up while singing and Sungmin’s singing was so beautiful I CRIED. After that they said that the fans were really really awesome in doing the project and Kyu said that no we should thank AVEX instead lmfao this loser. They called out the dancers for thanks again and Professor Snape did a few backflips woo!!!!! The dancers all did Sorry Sorry too lmfao. After that they were looking for Sungmin who was wearing the same shirt as the dancers and blending in lmfao and they said they thought he disappeared to the toilet PMSL so cute my baby. After that it was thumb kiss!!! They told us all to do it together and then they walked to each side of the main stage to say bye bey! Siwon acknowledged our level!!! Sungmin gave us all kisses CRIES MY BABY I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Mi was being really really smiley too and they all came over to thank us and it was so cuteeeeeeeee. Shindong was trying to be cute by doing eye smiles haha. Hyukjae picked up a Hyuk fan and was fanning himself and the fans with it lol. HENRY LOL HENRY tried to show us his love but showing us his nostrils loll and making super greasy kiss faces!!!

Ryeowook came over at the end because he wanted to throw some towels. This was when EunHae was at the front stage and the rest had already disappeared already but I was just laughing at Ryeowook. He tried to throw the towel to the side audience four times but he failed every single time by a little bit and every time he would just do this action /O\ lmfao so cute. The third time was the worse because he completely missed hahahahahha. After the fourth time he wanted to throw to the arena instead and he kept bowing and saying sorry sorry to the side audience but I think they were really upset so he decided to try again!!! He wiped his body sweat with the towel though!!! And he finally succeeded!!! He was so happy he started waving his hands and waving back to main stage towards EunHae but EunHae didn’t even know what he was so happy about PMSL. Hyukjae did a last kiss into the mic and then that was it it was over.

I didn’t get the Sungmin acknowledgement I wanted but I still got fanservice from the other members which was awesome and Sungmin was still such a gorgeous baby that I can’t fault him for it ;_; It was still an awesome experience I got my SMTOWN Passport Stamp, I played with SJ Gachas and I met so many awesome new and old friends!!! Tokyo Dome is definitely an experience that I will never forget ;_; Now to wait for fancams and DVD and kill myself all over again oh god.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ALL MY CRAP AND SPAM YOU GUYS ^^ I typed this half awake on the plane with a bratty Korean boy kicking my chair so lmfao.


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