130727 Super Show 5 Tokyo Day 1 Fanaccount

fan acc by minglocked

First off I want to thank Zureq because without her this would all not be possible. She got the tickets and the hotel and basically fetched us from the airport and everything and omg she is such an awesome person I can’t even. Flight got in late so it was a bit of a rush to get to the hotel and be presentable and all that haha. We had some food on the plane so thank goodness we weren’t that hungry. There wasn’t time for me to get my SMTOWN Passport stamp though and I was a bit depressed but oh wells haha there’s always today.
Our seats were far but we had a super good view of the entire stage so it was a trade off I guess haha. MR SIMPLE BONAMANA AND SUPER GIRL OMG I love all the songs so much I was losing my mind. The screams for HenMi were freaking loud and they looked really really happy during Super Girl! Hyuk had flaming red hair and omg he was so HOT. Sungmin’s hair was SEX and Ryeowook’s hair was black. Not sure if other shows had it but EunHae started it off with a dance on the extended stage with dancers!!
For MENT they spoke a lot of Jap and I had to rely on Zureq to trans for me and I only understood when they spoke Korean haha. Sungmin introduced himself as our Sungmin and said he wanted to meet us! Ryeowook called him kawaii lmfao. Donghae said that we were all very bright because of our lightstick and said that we were too bright he couldn’t open his eyes! Wook was wiping Donghae’s perspiration while he talked and Siwon made us a heart with his arms lol. Siwon then wiped Kangin’s sweat while he talked and he said something then Sungmin moved over so excitedly I was screaming my head off lol. Kyu kept doing a weird dance while chanting te name of the Jap amusement park ride hahaha. Hyuk forgot his Jap! He tried to cheat off paper and Kangin threw a towel over him to hide it haha that loser. Hyuk told us that his hair was dyed especially for Tokyo lmfao and he did it the night before. Kangin took a towel and started dabbing at his hair and sweat and it all came off red pmsl. He personally introduced HenMi and the screams were amazing!!!! They looked really happy haha ZhouMi did a heart and Henry said that he was sexy-des lolol.
I cried my way through most of Neorago because it was my first SJ song ever and I had and still have a lot of feels hahaha. Sungmin was so freaking hot I wanted to die and when he did Heechul’s part with Kyu I was like WOOHOO OTP YOU ROCK. Hero was a surprise. The crowd went insane when the introduction started and the choreography is so amazing and Sungmin got so much front line time I was so happy!!! PS I forgot to mention that there was a fanboy next to me and he’s crazier than me. That’s saying a lot lmfao. SFS IN JAP woohoo luckily I knew enough of the words lol. They had new black and red plaid outfits! Sungmin’s shirt was like low cut or smth?!? Hyuk was in sleeveless and had black gloves and omg Zureq and I were screaming fuck my life lolol. Boom Boom was freaking awesome. ALL THE HIPS. ALL THE DAMN HIPS SUNGMIN SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. I think Shindong was a bit tired because while they were swaying hips he just sort of stepped back while swaying only a little bit. Sungmin shot the audience again during his part hahahaha I see your bad habit coming out baby.
LOST MY MIND AT CLUB NO 1 IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT ALL THE HIPS ALL THE BEATING OF THE FLOOR AND ALL THE ANGSTY GIRL STEALING. SUNGMIN AND HAE NEARLY KISSED THEIR DANCER ZUREQ AND I WERE SCREAMING ALL SORTS OF PROFANITY LOL. IT WAS SO AWESOME THOUGH CAUSE THE CAM KEPT FOCUSING ON SUNGMIN DURING DANCER NOONA AND HIS HIP SWAYING AND I THINK I YELLED LEE SUNGMIN 싫어 HAHAHAHA. (idontreallyremember /o\) Cold was such a good song but I vaguely remember Donghae is some sort of shiny white gym clothes looking thing haha. Henry had silver lol I think they had a new thing going. Ballad line didn’t sing How Am I Supposed To Live Without You but a Japanese song instead. The sound system had been wonky all night but it was still really beautiful!!! Sungmin your voice I could write odes to your voice. Oh! And when the cam focused on Mi the crowd went crazy and he smiled really widely!
LOST MY MIND AT HARLEM SHAKE. ZUREQ AND I WERE TAKING TURNS TO YELL FUCK AND HYUKJAE AND DONGHAE AND SHINDONG AND ALL COMBINATIONS OF THOSR WORDS HAHA BUT IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME TO SEE IT LIVE OMG I WANTED TO DIE. There were a few mistakes here and there though like the part where Donghae launches off Hyuk and Shindong’s arms to jump out they didn’t really catch him properly so he just sort of stumbled. They caught him then they just continued lol. My god the cross dressing performance I was shrieking my head off at Choi Dambi I think I screamed 못 생겼다 at some point lmfao. Bada Wook looked really cute in his new wig with long black pigtails though! Kang Gain was really pretty and hot though!!! I didn’t expect it!!! And OMG THE ENTIRE DOME LOST THEIR MINDS WHEN SUNGMIN CAME OUT HONESTLY I THOUGHT THE FANBOY NEXT TO ME WAS GOING TO FALL OVER. But omg he was so freaking hot and sexy and boy you know it because the expression on your face does not tell me that you are shy at all!!!! He slimmed down a bit so the outit didn’t look so tight on him but tight enough to still show off sexy butt and thighs haha. ALONE OMG HAHA Kangin was holding onto Siwon for balance and Siwon nearly fell over as well while the other two were perfect AS USUAL. At the end Sungmin put his hands on his waist showing off his new slimmer tummy and started posing lol. Siwon of course came over and started touching haha Sungmin let him for awhile before turning away to show the other sides and Siwon just held up his hands looking shocked PMSL.
I wanna dance was super cute!!! Donghae slapped Hyuk at one point. After that Hyuk grabbed Hae’s hand, stuck his own finger in his mouth and drew all over Hae’s hand before slapping him back lmao but they both looked so happy!! Break Down in Chinese!!! I was so happy because hello mother tongue!!!! Hyuk and Mi and Min were in sleeveless shirts!!! Mi’s one was really fitting and nice and omg he looked so much like a rockstar and he acted so badass! HyukMin’s ones were really loose and I could not take my eyes off Sungmin because the arm holes were so big and omfg HELLO MINCHEST. Ayo and Go after! Sungmin was giving so many kisses to the crowd haha and they were all crazy head banging for Ayo! Shake It Up started with Kangin trying to kiss Hae lmao and Hyuk pulling Hae closer and smelling his neck lolol. After that Siwon knelt down and was hugging Kyu’s waist while Kyu was trying to push him away lolol. Shake it up was so funnnnnn and so much min chest! Wook and Hae were holding hands and running around and Shindong was singing while Min was next to him acting shocked and scared lolol so cute.
ROCKSTAR NEXT OMG WE HAD LIKE SIX ENCORES? I think it’s like the most so far?!?!? Nobody stripped an I was like chanting ‘Strip strip strip’ to myself lol. It was super awesome though I could not stop jumping!!! Siwon was showing off his back muscles through his tank and like WHOA BOY CALM YOURSELF. Donghae stripped first and EVERYBODY LOST THEIR MINDS. He looked like a tiny little boy though cause he was so happy and smiling and had a cute little red cap on hahaha. Hyuk kept pulling his shirt up but refused to take it off!! Sungmin was going crazy head banging and omg sungmin pls strip soon too pls!! SiHyuk were doing the hip choreo super close together and ShinMin were going wild on the platform going up and down! So cute though because Sungmin was holding his shirt while he jumped lol baby don’t be shy pls! Siwon took off his top backstage too and started showing off his muscles lmfao. Hyuk finally stripped too! The rest left alr so EunSiHaeKangDong had an encore on their own hahha it was so WILD. EunSiHae were on a platform on their own and OMG ALL THAT SKIN. Siwon asked if we wanted another time and Kangin said the next encore would be Hyuk solo and HE TOOK OFF THE SHIRT TIED AROUND HIS WAIST AND STARTED DOING BODY GYRATIONS FUCK MY LIFE. He acted shy after that and cute and did Sorry Sorry in an aegyo way omg with aishiteru!
They started playing videos of JW singing after that and the waterworks started I never knew I could cry so hard for this man OMG I think y Seoul trip just showed me how much of an awesome person he is and he rocketed up my bias list. KyuWook sang Grey Paper duet and omg when the video had Jongwoon singing too and KR harmonizing I FREAKING BAWLED I AM NOT ASHAMED. I cried so hard I was leaning on Zureq and wiping my tears with her towel (kidding lol) After Daydream they had the MENT where they said the JW tribute was Kyu’s idea and Kyu said smth like I am not even close/don’t like JW that much and Wook said Jongwoon was his best closest friend!!! I’m serious OMG Zureq and I screamed extra extra loud for Sheena hahaha. I missed some parts but Hyuk was insisting that there was him they didn’t need Jongwoon so he auditioned by singing Grey Paper with some dance steps hahaha Kangin sang a bit too omg they love and miss Jongwoon so much it’s breaking my heart. Ballad medley after that! Sound system sucks balls but they still sounded so awesome.
They did Heroes Junior with Tuxedo! It’s such a cute song haha I was mostly looking at Sungmin at this song. Shindong was hopping around really slowly and Sungmin was trying to make him hurry up by poking his butt haha. Kyu and Siwon were pretending to fight in the cart and rocking it so much I thought it was going to fall lol. KangThor kept hitting Hae with his hammer! Sungmin would use the long stick to jab at everybody who came by lol. Back on stage he went to threaten KangThor lolol after that he was walking with Mi. Mi said smth and then Min started chasing and hitting him hahaha. At one point Mi bent down to stare at Haebutt lolol. Henry tried to reflect(?) Mi with his powers and Mi flew back lol Mi then shot him!!
The Sunny video was so cute lol and HenWook were super hyper holding onto each other’s shoulders and singing super happily. Siwon held onto Shindong so Sungmin came over to be his hands and did the dance for him while smacking into his face AHAHAHA. At one point Hyuk was pretending to be in running start position at main stage Hae stood at middle stage with arms out wife but Hyukjae faked him out and avoided him haha. Hyuk jumped on Siwon like legs around waist facing each other lol and Hae got jealous and jumped on Siwon’s back and Siwon had to let them both down haha. He pretended to faint and Henry gave them CPR while EunHae ran away to play lol. HENMIN WERE DOING HIP DANCE/GYRATIONS TOGETHER AFTER THAT.
Sungmin also played a lot with the confetti hehehe MENT: Hyuk asked if we were okay and we said yes but he said they weren’t okay hahaha. I think their Jap was running out cause Shindong said ‘eat well’ and kangin said ‘good morning!’ lolol. Hyuk said we have done Hero Tuxedo and Bambina and SiMjn rushed out to scold him cause they hadn’t done Bambina yet lol and Siwon looked angry and said ‘babo myeolchi’. Hyuk said after the next song we would be husband and wife and all the members were like EHHHHHH and Donghae came out immediately to say that he couldn’t do it haha. After that Hyuk said that after the song we will get married and then we will get divorced omg I wanted to punch him in the face hahahaha
Marry You in Korean after that omg I CRIED I AM NOT ASHAMED. I DON’T EVEN RMB MUCH CAUSE I WAS CRYING SO BADLY. It was always my dream to sing the Korean version with them. We didn’t have the VCR though. Hyuk was calling for yeobo and j. Other languages and Wook answered ‘yes?!’ Kangin then asked so are you married lolol. They thanked us all after that and bowed really long before disappearing to change for encore. Sorry sorry was super hot! Min did Jongwoon’s part and I was like FUUUUUUU THAT IS SO HOT HE LOOKED SO FIERCE. No Show Me Your Love but we had Bambina!!! The dance was super cute and they were on carts and going around and when they got back on stage Kyu was acting cute and dancing to get Sungmin’s attention but Min was just like laughing and telling him to stop it. They were throwing signed balls at te crowd and OMG I want it so bad
Somewhere during Sapphire Blue HyukMin changed into the baseball jerseys!!!! They looked so good omg and HaeMin hugged together super tightly to sing their part at the bridge hahaha so cute!!! During the last MENT they were saying that Kyu had prepared something very special and he looked super nervous and his hand holding the mic was shaking and then he announced Osaka dates!!! They were all singing their Congratulations song haha. Sungmin kept asking him when and stroking his arm and OMG SO CUTE. Sungmin kept trying to get them to do Kyu’s Jap dance but nobody wanted to so he did it on his own AND IT IS KYUMIN OKAY LOL. After that Hyuk announced that at the time Hero was top of the charts and they did the song again! He shushed us all then and told us that the third celebration was his dad’s birthday on 28! And all the boys sang congratulations again haha Hae said he should give us all bread for presents!
After that they said it was Kangin’s first time in Tokyo Dome for concert and so they wanted to show him something. Sungmin kept making hand motions and telling us 앉아 앉아 lol so cute. Anyway they turned off the lights and we did the wave multiple times across the stadium! When the lights came on he looked really touched and just kept repeating we were very cool in Korean haha.
The project came on super immediately for So I and all the boys were very shocked and stunned at the sudden yellow ocean. Hae started tearing up and Sungmin went over to hug and comfort him. I think Hyuk was tearing too but he bent down and was acting cute to fans. Kyu kept staring into the crowd. Shindong looked really touched Mi was teary and HenMin were smiling super super brightly! After that Sungmin said we were JJANG and all members kept talking about the special yellow ocean for them. They were really happy because I think this is the first full scale project in Tokyo Dome. Sungmin wanted to hold Siwon’s hand and Siwon wiped it three times on the back of his shirt before he agreed to haha. Sungmin was between Siwon and Kangin and omg he looked so tiny and cute! There was a thanks for the dancers then ALL members did thumbkiss! Haha they did to the second floor third floor and went up to fifth and sixth even though it didn’t exist. Hyuk also acknowledged the second floor and told us all to jump hahaha the whole place was shaking!!
I can’t rmb which song because I lost my mind at that point by Kyuhyun put his arm around Sungmin and walked around together!!! I am not seeing things because my friend saw it too!!!! MY KYUMIN BABIES During ending most said bye alr but KangEunSiHae were still running around and Hae carried Hyuk for awhile then put him down and went to carry Siwon!
Oh and there was one part at the end Sungmin wanted to speak but Hyuk interrupted him to talk about the rbead present and did BBANG! really cutely and did finger guns at the audience and all the members scolded him! According to Zureq, Kyu called Hyuk a bad name in Jap and asked him what are you doing?! Yeah you go Kyu go protect your man lmfao.
That’s it for first day hehe can’t wait for the second!!


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