[trans] Cosmo Magazine – Super Junior M

 You’re good at so many instruments, is this your interest since young? 

Henry: Nonono (shakes head), I learnt Piano and Violin when I was 6, it wasn’t my choice, I was forced by my mum, she hit me everyday. (acts in pain) Before I was 10 years old, I did not want to play the violin or the piano. Until I was 10, I participated in a competition and won first place, thats why I start liking it. 

Every summer vacation after I was 10, I will stay at my Violin teacher’s house for around 1 to 2 months, I will practice for 4-5hrs. I was small then, so I did not feel that it was tough, but it seemed so now when I think back.

 Do you still play games frequently? 
Kyu: I like but I really have no time, I have not been playing for very long. I really have a strong desire to win, I’m a person who will stay up to game. Thats why I don’t really dare to start (to play games).

Kyu: I care alot about winning. “Than to say I’m a genius, I’m more hardworking. Compared to others, I know the ways to do better.”

– Sungmin >> “I am 29 years old physically, but maybe only 21 years old psychologically. My more manly side come out more often when I am exercising or at work.” (cr: meatyoudumpling)


– Kyuhyun >> “If I am to write a song, I want to write a ballad, the theme will be woeful love.”


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