[FANACC] 130706 Kyuhyun rejected(?) Siwon twice

130706 #SS5SG This fanaccount is just for the KyuMin shippers to explain what happened today. I’m writing this based on what I saw and you can choose whether to believe me or not. Kyuhyun rejected Siwon twice. The first time was when Kyuhyun had the banner on his mouth and Siwon came close to his face so suddenly that Kyuhyun got a shock but Donghae pulled Kyuhyun’s arm lightly to step away from Siwon. The second time was the same thing except that Kyuhyun backed away himself when Siwon was just “this” close to kissing him. Don’t worry about seeing pictures of them “kissing” because there are also pictures of Kyuhyun backing away from Siwon.

c. slutkyu


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