[transcript] 130704 Happy Together with Kyuhyun and Henry

credit NKSubs

Henry asked Kyuhyun before recording “who is park myung soo..?”
Henry said Dasom is his style xD
Henry found the sauna set interesting. He said he’s been to sauna only once before.
Henry Wow-ed and cheered every time a female guest came out xD Yoo Jaesuk told him they aren’t there for a blind date xD
MCs called Henry a playboy, and Henry said “No no no no~” then pointed at Kyuhyun “He’s the real playboy.” XD
Kyuhyun said Henry is a genius when it comes to music, and that he approaches girls very quickly~ ㅋㅋ
Henry talked a bit in English, French, and Chinese
Henry is tuning his violin! He’s going to play for Happy Together ~~
Henry covered all 4 cameras while putting his violin away xD
When henry was tuning his violin, kyuhyun said “people who play well have their instruments already tuned, but they tune it again (to show off)” xD
Henry didn’t understand Soyu’s vocal imitations because he didn’t know the people she was imitating, but he laughed anyways xD
Henry asked Gayoon before recording “did you hurt your ankles?” Because she has really thin ankles(and was wearing high socks)
Henry said he has pretended not to understand korean before. And he also said he has hard time understanding Kang Hodong (because Hodong uses rural dialect)
henry was introduced as”being raised”by kyuhyun,and kyu said it was 1st time that(hearing that he’s raising Henry)
Myungsoo asked why idols usually have headphones in their ears at airport. Kyuhyun said earphones usually are not plugged in ㅋㅋ
Henry had his shoes off, and Kyuhyun put it on for him xD
Henry said reporters usually don’t take pictures of him at the airport, and asked for them to take some pics of him too ;-;
Henry said before RadioStar, Kyu was quiet, boring,&would only play games.After RadioStar, he started making jokes&became more lively
Henry said he loves korea! He likes eating 족발 and other midnight snacks, and also how most stores/restaurants are 24/7 xD
Kyuhyun: Henry-ssi really hates dogs but.. Trax members have a dog, and he took it to a walk by the Han river. He said you can pick up girls 100% success rate with puppies/dogs with you xD
Henry said he made many mistakes speaking korean before. He wanted more mushrooms (buhsut) one time, but he made a mistake and said “Ajumma, please take off (buh suh).”
Kyuhyun: Heechul-ssi is like that too. When we all do “We Are Super Juni-Or!” And hands-out pose, he does things like v(^^)v instead
Kyuhyun imitated what Yesung do to stand out while dancing on stage xD
Kyuhyun: Sungmin-ssi pretends, &tries to hide it from us. If fans are cameras here,he’d glance at members,then do a shooting pose to fans xD
Kyuhyun: There is SJm member named Zhou Mi, and he does many things like that too. He makes lots of hearts, and I told him “Hyung, don’t do it so much” and he said “oh okay!” Now, he tries to hide the hearts he make.. If members are on the left, he’d make a small heart on his right side.
MC: what happens if members are caught (doing aegyos/fan service)? Kyuhyun: hell breaks out xD. When we caught Sungmin-hyung doing heart-shooting pose, we made fun of it for months by doing the pose in front of him.
Manager told Henry just not to curse during the recording. Henry said he sometimes swears in English out of habit
Henry had his shoes off again xD he said he keeps sweating
Kyuhyun: if you are a maknae, and others tell you to make ramen for everyone, just make a “han river” ramen (put in too much water). And they won’t ask you to make again.
Henry’s dish ingredients costs 3870won, and 5mins to cook. He’s getting ready to cook now ><
MC: do you make this dish often? Henry: i do! MC: Have Sj members tried it? Kyuhyun: never kk
When flames went up from the fry pan, kyuhyun jumped off his seat and went away, to the wall xD
Kyuhyun’s dish is called “Pizza eating Kyu”, it’s a pizza you spoon to eat. Instead of flour, it uses sweet potato.
Kyuhyun and Hyuna tied 4:4, Henry had the tie breaker vote, and Henry randomly voted Gayoon OㅈO…
Kyuhyun is cookinng xDD
jaesuk asked Henry how Kyuhyun’s pizza is
Henry said he doesnt like sweet potato xD



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