[2013] Petisi ELF – We demand SM Entertainment to clearly define the boundaries between Super Junior and Guest Members

Zhou Mi and Henry are members of Super Junior-M not of Super Junior

In 2005, boy band ‘Super Junior 05’ was created as a project group of 12 members. A thirteenth member Kyuhyun joined the group with the release of a single album ‘U’ in 2006 and at that time SM Entertainment officially announced that it would abandon the rotational concept of the group. Therefore, they would call the group ‘Super Junior’ without the suffix ‘05’ and there would be no more changes in the original lineup members.

In 2007, however SM Entertainmeny denied its previous remark, saying it was misunderstood, and released a statement that a new member Henry will join the band. Super Junior’s fanclub, ELF, protested against this idea in various ways. Rsponding to this blacklash, SM Entertainment promised the following at Super Junior’s 1000th  anniversary party in 2008. The band needs different strategies to break into different markets. Therefore, local members can be added to subgroups to Super Junior to appeal to overseas fans, but the local members will remain ‘guest’ members of Super Junior. Super Junior-M was formed in 2008 as a subgroup of Super Junior with the two local members, Zhoumi and Henry.

Currently we fans are not satisfied with what is going on with Super Show 5 World Tour and Henry’s promotional  activities of his single, which blur the boundaries between ‘Super Junior’ and ‘guest members’. During Super Show 5 Seoul (March 23rd and 24th, 2013), for example there were 29 performances in total and the guest members took part in 12 of them. While we understand that the guest members do performances of Super Junior M (4songs) and special stage (2 songs) we consider their participation I  6songs of Super Junior as an intrusion on the boundaries  of Super Junior. The guest members even joined the press conference of Super Show 5 in Hongkong on June 16, 2013, which they havent in earlier concerts. Also, Henry, who recently made his solo debut, is using the color of pearl sapphire blue for his promotion. This is clearly against the agreement between SM Entertainment and ELF back in 2008 . We are worried that if this continues, it will harm the brand of Super Junior and also lead to the split of fandom. Therefore, we demand SM Entertainment to do the followings so that Super Junior remains intact.

  1. Only Super Junior members participate in th group’s official activities.

1-1.  Guest members participate in the subgroup activities only and do not sing Super Junior’s songs or do opening and closing remarks together in concerts. Super Show is Super Junior concert

1-2. Guest members introduce themselves as Super Junior-M’s members for all occasions

1-3. Only Super Junior members can say the greeting “This is Super Junior”

  1. Pearl Sapphire Blue is the color that represents Super Junior’s fanclub, ELF

2-1. ELF is unrelated to the guest members’ promotional activities as solo artist

2-2.  Guest members do not use the color pearl sapphire blue for activities not related to the subgroups

  1. Super Junior’s official onlin channels post information and videos of Super Junior members only

3-1. SM Entertainment does not post information and videos of guest members unrelated to the subgroup’s activities on Super Junior’s official online channel such as Line, Facebook and Youtube

Lastly we would like to make it clear that we respect and support Zhoumi and Henry as members of Super Junior-M and we do not hold any grudges against them. What we are concerned about to keep the clear boundaries between Super Junior and the two guest members. We sincerely hope that all of Super Junior members and guest members will have successful career as an artist.

From fans hoping to keep Super Junior intact

*link to the document released by Super Junior fans’ union during the protest against the rotational concept in 2007-8



sign the petition here

For people who misunderstand our statement, we prepare a clarification document


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  1. You know they are still people, right? Good to know you guys have hearts. why don’t you guys get a life. Geez some fans are downright petty and stupid

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