[transcript] 130607 Sukira with DJ Ryeowook and Siwon

Sukira segment today w/ Siwon is called “연애학 개론” (introductions to dating), where they do “love skits” and talk about it *^^* [nksubs]
130607 Ryeowook “I was really surprised when I came today. I was like ‘Whoa!’ About 10 times more than usual came today. Super Junior’s face is here today.. Yesterday, Eunhyuk-ssi was here. And he’s Super Junior’s face too, ugly face kkkk… We will return after advertisements~.” [nksubs]
Ryeowook read through the script while the last song played, because he heard that the script is really long todayㅋㅋ he is worried ㅋㅋ
Fan: Ryeowook-dj did you watch Henry-ssi’s first stage?
Ryeowook: It was cute ㅋㅋ I wasn’t able to go today. Kangin-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi went today… I plan to go on Sunday
Sukira playing Exo’s “Wolf and Beauty” right now, and Siwon keeps bouncing to the rhythm ㅋㅋ
Siwon brought coffee and bread today for Sukira staff ㅋㅋ
Eunhyuk said he’d be listening to Sukira today ㅋㅋ Ryeowook, Siwon, and Lady Jane kept making fun of Eunhyuk ㅋㅋ
Siwon was nervous before coming in the studio. He kept saying “what do I do? What to do?”
Lady Jane “why are you two both so excited when you guys are same group members?”
Siwon “It’s because I’m weak to ryeowook-ssi ㅎㅎ”
Ryeowook “and I don’t see him often ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Lady Jane “What are you two’s relationship?”
Siwon “Like an alligator a bird. Can’t live without another ㅋㅋ.”

Siwon said it’s hot (because he’s wearing long sleeved sweater.) but he has a cold right now

Siwon is looking over works right now to meet again with (acting).

Lady Jane “You two are so close!”
Siwon “I think we are growing closer”
Ryeowook “We especially have gotten closer.”
Lady Jane “How were you two at first?”
Siwon “It was like Ryeowook-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi’s relationship… not matching.. just kidding ㅋㅋ”

Siwon “After the highfive incident in SS4, our walkway changed, so we don’t cross at all on SS5. ㅋㅋㅋ”
Ryeowook “oh we dont! They changed it!”

Ryeowook “It might not look like it on the bora… but if you look from here, Siwon-ssi’s sweater… is almost see-through…”
Siwon “kkkk Ryeowook-ssi catches things like this very well.”

Siwon: There are members that are weak to Ryeowook-ssi, stupid Donghae-ssi and Siwon-ssi. Ryeowook-ssi is very cute but he’s very cold. There is a member that isn’t weak to Ryeowook-ssi at all though. Eunhyuk-ssi has a cold heart… but he has members he is weak to too, Stupid Donghae-ssi and Siwon-ssi ㅋㅋㅋ because we are all friends

Lady Jane’s 10 questions to Siwon.
1. i am confident because of my looks / wealth
A: Looks
2. the one closer to my ideal type Suzy /Sohn Yun Jae
A: Sohn Yun Jae
3. Sexy / Pure
4. I get broken up/ or I break up
A: broken up
5. Do you think you’ll marry older or younger
A: younger
6. skinship takes one day? or one month?
A: one day
7. I usually confess first or get confessed
A: confess first
8. have you fallen in love with someone while working with them?
A: nope
9. I am skillful in dating / bad in dating
A: Bad
10. good guy / bad guy when you are dating?
A: good guy

Siwon tells the girl about his feelings. “I think my feelings about you changed.”, and let the girl know, so she could break up with him if she decides to.

Siwon likes girls with clear eyes

Fan: Siwon-oppa, you kiss the members too much!
Siwon: when? Oh during the concerts? ㅋㅋ

Ryeowook will reveal a photo on bora while the song is playing ㅋㅋ *i alr uploaded it on my prev post*

Sukira script writer worked hard for a month to prepare the mini drama today because she heard Siwon would be coming ㅋㅋ

Fan: Oppa,you are handsome even when you are cleaning your ears.
Siwon: when did I clean my ears o-o?
Ryeowook : you must have been doing something with your ears.
Siwon: Thankfully I didn’t pick my nose kkkkk

Ryeowook “when did you first date a girl?”
Siwon “3rd year in middle school kkkkkk” (9th grade)

Siwon kept saying students should study instead of dating (until they finish highschool) When Ryeowook asked when he first dated, and Siwon answered 3rd year in middle school, Ryeowook said “You are not making sense! Kkkk”
Siwon “Uh… my father was strict… but I did date people… but… um… it does give you good memories but… because I’ve experienced it, I’m saying um… it’s better to study in school ageㅋㅋ….”

Fan: Is the most ‘normal’ person in SJ Sungmin-Dj?
Siwon: he… is also very unique too ㅋㅋ
Lady Jane: But I think he is one that makes you think ‘oh he’s normal’ compared to you two ㅋㅋ

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lady Jane is tired because Siwon is non-stop talking ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Mini Drama time ♥ㅁ♥~♬

Siwon’s role in mini drama was so cool \O_O/ !!♥

Siwon: after SS4 encore, we went to drink and Ryeowook-ssi drank too much. He… suddenly went towards the kitchen. It was close to closing time, and Manager said “Ryeowook-ssi, it’s time to go.” Ryeowook -ssi said to the wall “You can’t do this here… don’t do that here…” with that voice of his… ㅋㅋㅋ Ryeowook-ssi, when he gets drunk, he does more skin-ship
Ryeowook :I do kisses…
Siwon: and he spreads his arms out and goes “Siwon-ee hyung~~~” and hugs me
Ryeowook: So i drink a lot only when I am with SJ hyungs. When I get drunk, I see the “end”.
Siwon: Kyuhyun-ssi and Ryeowook-ssi… are either “good” or “fail” when they get alcohol in them.


Sukira staffs went to drink once, and one of the staff has recording of drunk Ryeowook ㅋㅋ

Siwon: our Eunhyuk-ssi likes drinking too. His first time drinking was in April 2012.. It was a day after my birthday.. or was it on my birthday? It was his first time drinking in his life, and he drank 2 bottles of Soju. We gave him a nickname ‘Joo Hyuk’ (Good drinker hyuk)

RW: It’s time to send you guys off~ Siwon: already? What? I don’t want to go yet! ㅋㅋㅋ

After Siwon’s ment, Ryeowook said “amen” ㅋㅋㅋ


credit goes to nksubs 

please don’t add credit with my name as well. i just dont like it kkkk 🙂


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