130607 Trap Music Bank Prerecording fanaccount compilation

(When coming back from lunch) Kyuhyun looked very happy and was all smiles. He was holding something that looked like a can of sweet milk. After eating lunch he also ate an ice cream.

Cr: JustGyuhyun

When Henry was standing on stage and getting ready, someone suddenly went “AH!”, then everyone looked over and saw Kyuhyun with a funny expression, it seems like he was hit in the stomach by the staff. After recording the piano part, it was Kyuhyun’s turn to go onstage. Before that, he was well hidden behind, but he suddenly popped out and said some encouraging words to Henry~ And also that he won’t appear a lot so don’t expect too much.
After the rehearsal, everyone had left the stage and only Kyuhyun was left hiding behind. And then he slowly walked over to the piano, like a leader supervising something, touched it, and then walked to the other side of the stage. And after that he came back towards the piano, and looked like he was about to sit down and play. Everyone in the audience was staring at him, thinking that he was about to play the piano! But he just quietly walked between the piano and the bench! And the slowly returned backstage.

Cr: iriskyu

Today, Henry wore leopard print clothes on the way to music bank, together with a studded cap, he was so handsome! They first recorded the piano solo part, today’s piano is white. Kyuhyun wore a grey suit with white polka dots, and suit-shorts at the bottom. He kept talking about supporting little Henry. When he was getting his makeup touched up he kept teasing the fans, walking about on stage, and even pretended to play the piano.

Cr: RememberM中文网站

Kyuhyun looked really good with his hair pushed behind his ears. During rehearsal, he was doing stretching exercises before going on stage. And right before recording, he also said, “I have very few parts, so don’t expect too much haha!” After that he quietly came out and touched the piano. The second time he walked towards the piano everyone thought he was going to play but he just walked around the piano bench and then went back. He really had the “hyung” air today.

Cr: Marg萱小7记性不好O

All above translated by @kikiikyu

Below is what I found on twitter

henry said “hello, thanks for coming”…
henry; thank u so so much for coming. please listen to the album, i worked hard on it
henry did thumbs up and down and fans did thumbs up. kyuhyun teased fans by keep going near the white piano
kyuhyun kept doing weird waves (waving & moving his neck)
kyuhyun and taemin were hiding behind the white blocks on the stage. they kept peeking to henry`s stage
kyuhyun seemed to be tired from waiting. he sat on the white blocks near the back
at the end, henry kyuhyun were on stage. they kept calling taemin to come on too
kyuhyun: hello. please take care of our henry. my part is short so dont expect too much~
kyuhyun: henry and taemin will continue promoting. please cheer for them.
henry practiced piano before each recording started. beautiful♥
when recording was finished, henry said “it`s done??”
before rehearsal, taemin(or kyu?) suddenly yelled “ah!” from the side ㅋㅋ
henry`s outfit is one from the mv. kyuhyun`s is also same i think (checkered outfit+shorts?)
oh at end, taemin`s mic didnt seem to work so kyuhyun went close to taem`s face, and taemin talked w kyu`s mic
in trap, kyuhyun appears and splits the dancers in 2 groups and walks out from the middle ㅋㅋㅋ

cr: @nksubs

when kyuhyun came out, he said hi raising both hands like a little kid and was smiling hahaha, when he left he did the same + jumping ♥
henry was awesome really… he did both recordings nicely ♥ when he was on the top of the piano he looked so cool
they recordered the piano 3 times, after the 2nd onr a girl came to tell henry to raise his hand in a certain way (to make it more dramatic)
after one of the recording kyu stayed at the back of the stage and then came out walking really slow, he went to right to left teasing us.
when he reached the left he hide again then came out again… walked slowly to the piano touching it, he was really close so we thought-
he was gonna sit and play the piano for us, he got in the middle of the piano and the chair so we all screamed excited ok omfg piano!kyu
bastard smirked (thats what i wanna believe -?-) and kept walking until the front of the stage loooool.
i think the guy must had poked or smth cos he was /overreacting/ and he just screamed lol
taemin was cute too… he went to seat in the front row where his fans were
henry said thank you to the fans, for coimg to see him. and that he will work hard!
when kyu came out he was talking to a guy, i was looking at henry… but then heared a little /manly/ scream… it was kyu. *there

cr: @haelic

Kyu so funny dancing. Taem / Hen looks awesome and Kyu looks stiffㅋㅋ
There is a choreo w/ a hankerchief ♥♥ they place it on their shoulders, take it off, dance,etc.
Kyuhyun such a troll. after trolling fans twice, he had that `accomplished` happy smile ㅋㅋㅋ
Henry played a piece and it was rlly sweet. we were like “uwoooooo” every time he was practicingㅋㅋ
After recording, Henry went and talked with Kyuhyun behind the stage while waiting for next rec
Kinda was worried when Henry jumped off the white piano after dancing on it;;
Henry`s stage has a window cg in the back, with rain effect. sides have white blocks. and white cg♥♥ and in the intro rec, they turned on the mist machine and we were like “uwoooo” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Henry plays piano at intro and is like “im trapped” with sexy voice /dies/

cr: @youngwoonjungsu

White piano for Henry’s stage^^
Kyu is such a troll!! He walked to the piano like he was gonna play it so everyone screamed but he kept walking lol
Kyu came out again & walked infront of the piano bench so we screamed again & he kept walking!! Troll!!!
I think Henry had “Strings” written on his neck. Was kinda hard to see ><

cr: @miran02125

Blue balloons for Henry!!! With ‘Trap’ on it!!
White piano at the center of the stage! Is gonna perform 2 songs?
Henry did a piano intro and ended it whispering “I’m trapped”.
Between cuts or during waiting time Henry played the piano and it was so beautiful. The audience kept going ‘oooooh wooaaa oooh’ cute
Henry was so nervous and cute hehe whenever the camera zoomed in to test he would show off his cheeky smile ^^
Kyu was so hyper!! He waved to fans with two hands while jumping! And told everyone to support Henry and watch the performance well
Kyu was also a troll. He kept walking to the piano pretending like he was gonna sit down then when everyone screamed he walkes away >< twice
Henry’s stage was so beautiful and then he wore thay ridiculous yellowish jeremy scott jacket in the teaser lmao
But no really the stage was so beautiful with white piano in the center, white boxes at the side and water dropping effects
Henry did one song Trap and a piano intro ^^
Henry played a tiny bit of Rhapsody in Blue <33333

cr: @chasinghappiness

Saw kyu van and we saw someone in inside. at that instance, didnt know he was inside so we peek into the car. lols he knew but he didnt move but he was laughing at us. when yongsun came back, he laughed. kyu asked him to drive off. hahh we were walking round the car trying ways to peek inside

cr: @shijialee


compiled by kikiikyu


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