[fanacc] 130601 Super Show 5 Indonesia 1st day

keep updating  sampe pulsa habis ^^, nggak ada persiapan update di pc soalnya  kkkk

The venue is almost full of ELF. Some gate haven’t opened yet so some ELF are still waiting outside the venue (Cr:@13elieveSG)

So many seat at level 2 still empty rnow (FEBIFABIOLA)

Commericals are played, but everytime it’s @with_Kyochon ads! & everyone cheers soooo loud ^~^ (firnia)

Venue almost full now !!! (cr : GaemPSPKyu v.SJFE_Siwonest

According to the staff, Jokowi have arrived he is in SJ room now [elfsjr v.SparkyuINA]

VIP Section most of International ELF [elfsjr v.SparkyuINA]

They are keep screaming KIM JONG WOON KIM JONG WOON (ELFSJR)\

Fanchant is so awesome and loud over here. ELF & SJ are singing along. (Cr sjelfline)

Everyone is singing together (cr cloudsofyesung)

Everyone is chanting “Super Junior Super Junior!!!’ (Cr cloudsofyesung)

#SS5INADay1 Has begun!!

Sapphire Blue ocean beginning to appear at #ss5inaday1 Now performing A-cha (cr indonesiaSJ)
Boys have come out with Mr Simple!
now bonamana

Boys have come out with Mr Simple!

Bonamana Stage now.. Omg Boys sweat already out ! hot and freaking COOL~
cr : SJELFLine

During Bonamana some fanboy are screams “ROOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” LOL [gaempspkyu]

now super girl

During Super Girl I saw Donghae glance to Eunhyuk who looks hot and sexy tonight ahhhhh~ [sjelfline]

SUPER JUNIOR’s INTRO LOL .. Eunhyuk look so excited ! [sjelfline]

Shindong: Halo Jakarta maturnuhun [Korean_Concert] matur nuhun means “thank you” in sundanese

I Hear that Eunhyuk say “Jakardaaaah” ㅋㅋㅋ and one by one member are start to say “HELLO”

Super Junior intro “APA KABAR” (how are you) the diff one only Shindong with “Jakardaah maturnhun” (Jkt thanks) [sjelfline]

Eunhyuk: apa kabar nama saya eunhyuk [cr.Korean_Concert]

Kyu’s Intro “Selamat Malam, Nama Saya Kyuhyun, Aku cinta kamu (good evening, My Name is Kyuhyun, I love you) [ourgyuhyun]

Kyuhyun: aku cinta kamu, apakah kalian siap bersenang-senang hari ini? #SS5INA [cr.Korean_Concert]

Henry, “Do you miss me? I miss you so much!” (Cr:@13elieveSG)

Siwon: aku cinta kalian

During Intro Kangin: Jakartaa~ Apa kabar? aku telah bersiap dan belajar banyak untuk hari ini 😀

Kangin: “Saya berlatih keras untuk bertemu kalian”

Ryeowook: “Apa kalian ingin bertemu saya? Selamat menikmati”

Donghae: Selamat bersenang-senang kalian. i love you ^^

During ment, Hyuk said  Those who are in the back, you can see us? Our Concert will be awesome!  (Cr:@13elieveSG)


now it’s you

Wookie just take yesung part including his adlibs… [firnia]

vcr again

SFS rn

now boom boom

now club no 1

ELF were being crazy and scream lotsss when Boys are doing sexy dance with the dancer.. [SJELFLINE]

So Cold with Henry, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon now! [elf_thougths]

Donghae with red, hyuk with black, henry with milenium and siwon with brown.[febifabiola]

ahh i saw Donghae and Henry are glance to each other [sjelfline]

Now: How am i supposed to live without you – Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Zhoumi[elfthoughts]

Zombie & Harem Shake Dance Stage – Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae

Loving you of S.E.S – Ryeowook  Cross Dressing stage~ CHOI DAMBI appeared first!!!

Oh the fanboys are is going crazy because of the “Hyung” dressing stage too much surprise for Sungmin LOL. [sjelfline]

Sungmin oppa skirt almost drop off while performing Alone.. Then WonWookKang tease him to make it really fall off (cr swee713)

breakdown sjm rn

a-oh sjm

go sjm

kyu waved to fans on the 2nd floor

shake it up

rockstar, hyuk

Kyuhyun fell down[our gyuhyun]

being so hyper and active Our Kyuhyun fell down now. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ but he is still OK 🙂 [sjelfline]

Eunhyuk took the shirt and now he is in TOPLESS ELF MAX SCREAMS !!!!!!!!!!! [sjelfline]

Rockstar- Eunhyuk is shirtless onstage, doing encore again and again [elfthoughts

Rockstar- Siwon went topless as well[elf_thoughts]

Eunhyuk pakai celana jeans merah dan buka baju, lalu dance di tengah stage  [CR.koreanindo]

Donghae might have fallen down too, careful boys T.T (cr ourgyuhyun)

During A-Oh Zhou Mi and Kyu hi-5’ed and Zhou Mi hugged Sungmin. Mi looked really happy and smiled a lot (cr: @ItsChunnyMi)

bitter sweet

day dream

Siwon & Donghae main2 dipanggungm mereka main tonjok2an gitu 🙂

The boys look so handsome with white suit ♥ [KoreanUpdates]

boys created song with ‘apakah anda senang?(are you happy?)’ the melody is cute and they’re creative ^^ [ourgyuhyun]

Kangin threw a towel to fan♥ he used the towel already>< [swee713]

Eunhyuk, ” Do you miss Super Junior? We are really happy! Almost a month we are not on stage ” (Cr:@13elieveSG)

Changed now to “Kalian Merindukan kami?” Do you miss us? /// lool Eunhyuk is too cuteeee ㅠㅠ [sjelfline]


boys gave suggestion for elf who are watching from afar if they can’t see them, you better jump! lol @OurGyuhyun

SJ said, “Apakah kalian senang~?” (are you guys happy) ^^

Eunhyuk say that he is so happy to be in here (stage) because it just about 1 month he never doing something at the stage. [sjefline]

They even sang “Apakah Anda senang?” with Yesung’s It Has to be You. We miss Yesung a lot 😦 [KoreanUpdates]


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