100411 Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entri

Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.04.11 03:28
In the ‘-Haru-’ folder..

– Last Super Show 2 –


Hello everyone I am Super Juni~~or!!!

I am Donghae!!

Super Show 2 has finally ended well after receiving everyone’s love!!^^

We went through 15 rounds of performances for our Asian tour to send everyone our regards!!^^

No matter where we went, from the airport till the performance, it was filled with blue angels

When we were in our cars, and at the hotel, between the members we felt very touched and blessed!!

Also, we’d think, to be able to receive this much love and in return we worked even harder, to give good songs and make changes to surprise everyone!! ^^

Progressing on, we’ve already spent 6 years together!

In this 6 years, we’ve made many changes, and because of everyone’s love, tears have flowed, teeth were clenched so that we’d have hard-working thoughts and once again, there were times where we could reminisce on.

As such of everyone, there are days where we are able to smile and even if we fell,we’d be able to stand up once again.

Super Show 2 has ended and between members, (we are all) Wh~oa time has passed by so fast.

Quickly want to do Super Show 3!! We will show our good image around Asia and we want to meet ELF and talk to them once again!!

ELF, who has given life to Super Junior in this world and letting us breathe

Dongsaeng, Noona, Hyungnim, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather I love you!^^

My wish is that we can grow old together^^!!

ELF I love you!I love you!!I love you!!!

4 jib big success!!^^GO!!GO!!


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