091212 Donghae Cyworld Entry




Donghae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.12.12 02:01
In the ‘-Haru-’ folder.





Hi everyone!!

I am the big!!! Super Juni~~~~ooooooooooor^^

If there wasn’t ELF and the staffs who helped us

We wouldn’t be able to smile and even would not have!existed!!!!!

After coming down from the stage, I don’t know how long we cried….Up till now.. Our Eunhyuk

is still crying!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ

Really, thank you so much!! Everyone who’s always giving us new touching moments for us to write new history ~!!! I really don’t know what else I can use to signify it in words!!!

And also those overseas who give Super Junior a lot of love!! Our ELF lovers who have been cheering us on and voting through the night^^!!

I love you, thank you!!

A hundred times, a hundred thousand times, I love you!!

To be able to be a Super Junior member is an extremely huge blessing for me, I pray that in my next lifetime, I’ll be able to meet these members (again), in my next lifetime, to love blue

And remember the name ELF!!

You’re really really beautiful I can’t come out of this!!

Now it’s China!!

We have come to see China’s ELF!!

When everyone else was saying it wasn’t possible, those who continued to believe in us, and the staff who helped us…

all of ELF , our members, parents ~~!! I love you and I love you!!

Also, my Halmeoni who’s smiling happily in Heaven

My beloved father, thank you!!

Thank you for letting me fulfil my father’s dream on his behalf, and for letting me be born as a healthy person!

I will work even harder in 2010, and say hello to everyone even more handsomely!

Always be healthy, don’t fall sick!!I love you!!

T.h.a.n.k. y.o.u.

Credits; BLG


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