091207 Donghae Cyworld Update

Donghae’s Cyworld Updates 2009.12.07

Photo Entry 2009.12.07

* 대 만 에 서 . . . */*In Taiwan…*



Hello everyone^^~~

This is Super Junior’s Donghae.

SUPER JUNIOR-M’s first fanmeeting was held on 2009/12/5/6!^^

Firstly, (I’d) really like to say an apology to fans~

Our album has been out so long but we’ve only come so late to meet you all…


Even so, there were many E.L.Fs who created the blue sea for us…

It was very touching!!^^

It was very enjoyable and everyone was absolutely!!great and a very enjoyable memory (?)!!^^

Although it was only the 7 of us, but it was really like all Super Junior members together, even those members who didn’t come were working hard!!^^ㅋㅋㅋ

In February, there’ll be a SUPER SHOW2 in Taiwan!! You all know about it right??~~^^

Until the next meeting, do not fall sick!! Always be healthy!!

You~must~be well!!

Once again, thank you so much!!~~^^

I love you (all)!!

Thank you for giving (me) good memories, remembrances, and the touching (moments)!!

I love you,I love you,I love you!,(Don’t be unfaithful)!!!!

Pearl sapphire blue ,ELF you are the best!!^^

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