[FANACC] 130107 Super Junior M 2nd Album Press Connference

“Who do you want to meet?” Super Junior M! “Can’t hear you louder!” SUPER JUNIOR M!! boys are out!!
Donghae has some sort of yellow balloon that he threw to reporters, Kyuhyun is wearing red pants
Kyu: Feel…very happy. Actually in 2008 we gave 1st album, it’s already 2013, time passes fast. You’re all cuter, handsome and prettier”
Eunhyuk while Kyu is speaking chinese “Hurry up hurry up”
Eunhyuk “Hello everyone, I am Eunhyuk. Really really. Thank you”
Zhou Mi “Every time i speak Chinese I’m embarassed cause it’s not really surprising. Always happy when I come to to China. I am Zhou Mi”
Kyuhyun “Hello everyone, you are now watching” Fans: KYUHYUN! (change lines for new album Kyu can?”)
Siwon: Hello I am Siwon. It felt like 10 years, everyone will like our album so I’m happy to be in China. Thank you everyone, love you”
Donghae “Audience, long time no see. (repeat) fans, long time no see. SHH be quiet. My babies, I am Donghae. I love you all. Thank you”
Henry “Long time no see. And long time no speak chinese. Happy new year! Hope everyone likes our new album”
Sungmin “Hello I am Sungmin. I missed you all. my Chinese has gotten worse but I will try hard for you guys” (with Ryeowook help)
Sungmin: Ryeowook is my Chinese teacher
Ryeowook: Hello, long time no see. I am very happy. This album is different style and charisma than SJ album. Hope everyone will anticipate”
Eunhyuk “This album is 2nd album after 1.8 years. There are 8 songs+ 2 old songs, every song has different styles and no one will be bored”
“After we wait a little while more the album will be revealed” Henry “just wait a little little more”
SIwon “I really like the song Henry wrote this time GO. This time there’s a lot more member’s creations so it’s more meaningful”
Eunhyuk “I don’t really like Henry’s song GO. I didn’t compose so I don’t particularly like any song but you guys might. I’ll leave early”
Eunhyuk “Beijing is very cold, but the new album is very hot. Is that ok?”
Siwon: “Sorry Eunhyuk is a little…weird”
“Did Super Junior give you guys support?” Eunhyuk: SJ members Shindong will come bring them food and recieve a lot of support from them
Henry “A few days ago we were practising dance and Shindong brought a lot of ice cream but he ate a lot”
Donghae “Super Junior is scared they’re leaving China farther so they always say SJM is very important”
Hyuk “I know a lot of fans were waiting since last night. Sorry there weren’t enough seats but we’ll have fanmeets” Siwon “there’s Beijing”
Siwon: “A lot of fans come to Beijing to see us so this time we want to go to them and take care of them”
Eunhyuk: “If it’s ok we want to go to every fan’s house to visit” Donghae “If possible we can have fanmeet there and have dinner too”
“Donghae and Eunhyuk can go, we’ll send them. They probably have time”
Hyuk: At fanmeet everyone will have their solos and it’ll feel like a mini concert and sort of like a mini super show. Even special stages
Henry: “We know this time it’s been almost 2 years since we came back so we’ll spend as much time here as possible”
Donghae touching Henry “Pervert! He’s a bit weird” MC: That was said earlier to Eunhyuk
10 questions were picked out of 20k!
Eunhyuk: Kyuhyun’s dance improved a lot so he should speak. MC: Let him demonstrate!
Kyuhyun: I didn’t eat dinner so can’t dance Henry: We should let Eunhyuk dance instead. “but his foot hurts” everyone starts chanting Hae
“Who fits this album concept best?” Siwon! Siwon: I feel like it’s Eunhyuk..
Siwon: No matter what Eunhyuk does it looks very charismatic and fasionable
Siwon: No matter what Eunhyuk does it looks very charismatic and fasionable
Eunhyuk: Zhou Mi’s Chinese presentation is best. So he’s most suitable. But Break down is in English so Henry is most suitable
Siwon: We thought of how to approach Chinese fans after not meeting them so long most
Eunhyuk: Leader, Super Junior M leader. it’s Sungmin LOL
Will there be more movie and drama OST for SJM? Ryeowook: Not just OST Sungmin: There’s an OST in our album so please support
“Out of everyone’s Chinese whos is best” Everyone screams: KYUHYUN!
Siwon: Kyuhyun’s Chinese is funniest. Donghae’s Chinese is weirdest
Eunhyuk: If we want to everything is possible, because we are smart people. Really my Chinese is good
Henry: We tried really hard and spend a long time to compose these songs Zhou Mi: Henry wanted to since last September


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