121230 Eunhyuk twitter update

Trans ‏@AllRiseSilver: Because of his busy schedule, we took this photo without Yunho hyung but SM 7 & Beatburger Shim Jae Won, Hwang Sang Hoon!!! Everyone worked hard despite being busy~ It’s been a while since got to enjoy dancing!! Someone edit in Yunho hyung please kkk
바쁜 스케줄로 인해 윤호형 없을때 찍은 사진이지만 SM 7 & Beatburger 심재원,황상훈!!!!!! 다들 바쁜 와중에 열심히~ 오랜만에 즐겁게 춤춰봄!! 누가 윤호형 좀 합성해줘요ㅋㅋㅋ

trans by nksub


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