[news] ‘Strong Heart’ reveals the handwritten letter from Leeteuk

Strong Heartrevealed the letter Leeteuk wrote to the show.

Eunhyuk brought out a cardboard figure of Leeteuk, and Boom read the letter out loud.

The letter read,

To the ‘Strong Heart’ family and viewers.

This is Recruit 85, Park Jung Soo, who has left the title of ‘Hallyu Star’ for a bit to become the son of Korea. I have adjusted well here, and I’m living healthily. I’ve moved on from being Super Junior‘s leader to a leader in the army.. I’ve become the squadron leader that is in charge of 240 recruits.

We have to sleep at 10 PM here, but every time I lie down, I think of Shin Dong Yup hyung’s 19+ comments, so I can’t sleep. I imagine it here, and I’m really going to go crazy. Until the day I return from the army, everyone be healthy and happy. But is July 29th, 2014 coming at all…? I’ll work hard in the army and come back. Devotion!

He also added a message to the permanent panelists on the show, writing,

Eunhyuk, you were happy when I left, right? You don’t have that much time left (before going to the army) as well. Dong Wook hyung, I’m going to congratulate you early on your Variety New Face award. Boom hyung, don’t come alone when you come see me. I’m being serious. Also, I learned something new when I came to the army. Some of the other soliders told me that Jung Joo Ri and Park Kyung Lim noonas were beautiful. It was quite a shock.

Seems like Leeteuk is doing fine at the army!


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