[fan acc] 121020 Super Junior 7th Anniversary party / Fanmeeting

hyuk wants yesung in his not goodlooking team so badly. yesung cant understand why he is not gd looking
siwon said teuk and ming is beautiful. So he chose shindong into the good looking team! Hahaha – MEATYOUDUMPLING
Kangin just grabbed Teuk’s butt pretty sure lol. Siwon picks Shindong – coyotecolored
yesung wanted to say sth. kyu said to ys theres nothing to do if u are ugly – YEISM
Siwon chose Donghae in the end and Hae kissed the camera. Siwon chose Kangin for his team and Kangin was so happy and did handsome expressions at the camera. (Cr: YungHian)
Teuk went down and shook hands with a fan and asked her age ~ ©crappycrab39
Eunhyuk firstly pick Yesung for his (ugly) team, and then Kyuhyun, and last one Ryeowook XD – RememberM
Aft Kyu got chosen into the ugly team, he said “This is the first time I’m hearing that I’m not good looking” – iriskyu
yesung wanted to say sth. kyu said to ys theres nothing to do if u are ugly – _YEISM
siwon said teuk and ming is beautiful. So he chose shindong into the good looking team! Hahaha – 83lineSHIPPER
Siwon: i really think that think member is handsome. Kangin!! – and kangin did the V sign XD [CR: korelf_b]
Handsome team members are SW,DH,KI,SD,LT
Not (so) Handsome team members are EH,YS,KH,RW, SM – frappe051106
Kyu: “There’s no way i can use my sharp tongue to my dearest elf~” ©korelf_b
they just point and laugh lol poor sungmin cant believe it lol – sjissj
hyuk wants yesung in his not goodlooking team so badly. yesung cant understand why he is not good looking. (cr: _YEISM)
yesung asked if KRY is ugly. And kyu stopped him. HAHAHA – meatyoudumpling
ys: so kry are ugly?! kyu: we have charm – _YEISM
EH firstly pick YS for his (ugly) team, and then KH, and last one RW XD (babiettangkoma, RememberM)
Hyuk forced yeye to join to his team and yeye refused to join so hyuk hugged and tried to drag him
yesung wanted to say sth. kyu said to ys theres nothing to do if u are ugly. (cr: _YEISM)
They were playing the old shows… there is heechul.. there is hangeng .. kibum. – everlastingfann
Sungmin try to seduce a fans
When playing the Lying game. Kyu and Yesung got zapped but Yesung broke the machine loll~( cre crappycrab39 )
Flicking a bottlecap on the pingpong table lol the cap has their photo on it and Hyuk fail (Cr:sjissj )
sungmin fail – sjissj
Kyu: i am the most handsome member out of all the members in the ugly team [CR: korelf_b]
they’re saying yesung’s fingers are short lol – crappycrabs
when Wook fails, ming exspression just like “YESS!”
Ming said in their team yesung’s selca is the best looking keke – crappycrabs39
siwon kiss teuk’s hand before teuk throw the marble. Cr: hanchaewon
First game: Good looking team (Siwon’s team) won!! (Cr: YungHian)
After Eunhyuk lost the game, kyuhyun said, You’re ugly, and can’t even play well [佑恩Carol]
Hyuk lost the game then Kyu kept complaining, saying team is ugly, playing game is also bad llollllllllllll @raichanxd
Shindong lost and ugly team slapped his back kyu hit and kicked lol – sjissj
Second game Not Handsome team Win!! – frappe
Yesung “I’m the most handsome in real life” – koreaelf_b
cux shindong lost, kyuhyun went to kick his butt alot of times! – meatyoudumpling
Second game: The game where they insert cards into the barrel and the pirate will pop out randomly. (Cr: YungHian)
Playing basketball now. And yesung took off his jacket. – meatyoudumpling
now basketball!! Yesung said he played basketball.for 3-4 years lol. He took off his jacket @crappycrab39
hyuk had to teach wook how to play basketball. – meatyoudumpling
siwon shoot the ball but failed, now hyuk turn but he failed tho (cr:hanchaewon)
donghae throw the basketball like a girl – meatyoudumpling
Siwon said women are like wine, spend longer time and it’s better. Then members said siwon think of fans as wine lol( cre crappycrab39 )
Shindong got into the handsome team, and then went and made faces at KRY.. Then Kyuhyun spat, “If it’s like that, then it’s nothing to be in the ugly team”
Yesung asked Kyuhyun, “Are we not good looking?” Kyu, “We don’t have to be, We have the charm!!”[Hyunlove]
when hyukjae said “ugly!” to kyuhyun… kyuhyun didn’t do the game well… kyuhyun needs a praise so he can doing it well XD – ourgyuhyun
kang in had air ball and hyuk laughed and pushed him. Hahah – meatyoudumpling
I think someone called out Pabo at hyuk. And Donghae did underhand. – himurahimeko
siwon showing off and shooting from under the hoop keke [crappycrab39]
shindong plays the basketball, now kyu’s turn but he failed too (cr hanchaewon)
kyu said he’ll shoot with left hand keke but it didn’t go in >< (Cr: YungHian)
When Siwon had to choose between Teuk and Min for his team he told them to make handsome face and in the end he chose Teuk. Ming looked like he couldnt believe it lol – raichanxd
Wookie was about to shoot yeye.comes to tell him how too.. Then hyuk too lol cute – sjissj
they're playing the game where they insert cards into the barrel and the pirate will pop out randomly. [crappycrab39]
When EH failed the game, KH said "Face isnt even good looking, cant also play game ayy..seriously" (cr with4723)
ELF seems like wine. Kyuhyun : Do you know about wine? << ryeowook -> kyuhyun -> hyuk -> yesung – meatyoudumpling
Hae hahahaha he is spazzing and.now just bites the paper hahahahahaha @sjissj
Not good looking team won overall! Prize to fan is autographed BIC 4 & the paper passed w/ their lips (Cr: YungHian)
Now picking out the people who will win a Paris photobook (himurahimeko)
Kyuhyun jumped up and then did something like ice skating (or like balerina) and he really turned 360-degree~ (hyunlove)
When Kyu was passing the paper to Hyuk he put his arms around Hyuk’s waist
hyuk reading the handphone number out!!! (Morningsuju)
Lol sihae kissed!!! During the pass the paper gameㅋㅋㅋ Donghae was the black hole of the team ㅋㅋ – miran
ugly team is so good at this. Kissing skills very good hor. – meatyoudumpking
Not good looking team won the game of passing paper with lips! Donghae dropped the paper several times.(Cr:YungHian)
Sihae were so close I actually kissing and donghae fell to the floor laughing hahahhaha @Amdey
hae is like the black hole for the team Keep dropping at him! So he & kangin had a lot of interaction @crappycrab39
Card Kissing Not Handsome team Win!!!! – frappe
In VCR Super Junior journey! Heechul and Hangeng were also shown. Many elf cried! it’s a long journey from 2005-2012! (cre heechulfacts)
cux the winner of ryeowook is chinese, he said the number in Chinese. So cute! @meatyoudumpling
wook picked a fan who wrote her name.in Chinese and it’s a granny!! Wook greeted her in Chinese (crappycrab39)
awww wook picked a grandma fan hehe @eunteuk
Aww yeye sings for his choiceㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ @sjissj
sUNGMIN SAID MOEMOE -himurahimeko
Screen with yekyuhyuk… So cute @meatyoudumpling
they’re ending with Someday ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ (crappycrab39)
haha a fanboy yelled “hyung”@eunteuk
leeteuk is try to shout the tagline of ‘Oppa Oppa’ he said ‘i say leeteuk you say oppa’! – everlastingfann
teuk said it’s a sad song but it’s a promise to meet again.. @crappycrab39
Teuk: “I say Leeteuk you say Oppa” then from far there is a “Hyung” LOL XD [cr: @meatyoudumpling]
teuk said though he’ll go to army but SJ will continue activities and we’ll continue to support right @crappycrab39
teuk said wait for him to come back in July 2014 and SJ will have an album in August 2014!! (Cr: YungHian)
Singing sometimes with wonkyu standing tgt (meatyoudumpling)
Kangin talking with his arm around leader♥♥♥ – sjissj
Kangin sings to Teuk #KaengTeuk (himurahimeko)
they let teuk sing the last line of someday when it’s suppose to be wook’s – meatyoudumpling
after signing finish, teuk shrug. I think it’s the sign that he didn’t cry. Hahaha @meatyoudumpling
talking about @special1004’s enlistment TT stop counting leader ㅠㅠ (hanchaewon)
teuk try to hold his tears ㅠㅠ and now is teuk’s vcr!!!!!! (Hanchaewon)
teuk didn’t cry talking abt how it’ll be after he leave. He talked abt missing the sapphire blue & ELF – crappycrabs
Now VCR abt uri leader and with Only U as bg music – ougyuhyun
they show the vid to teuk made by fans
There’s a fan project with lightstick showing S ♥ J. (Cr: YungHian)
the members are telling teuk how they feel and saying his wishes for teuk on stage. T.T @meatyoudumpling
Members are saying their messages to Teuk. Ming said he must take care of his health. (Cr: YungHian)
Tears are coming wooks i love you – sjissj
teuk is imagining how it’ll be like on the day of him entering and joking @crappycrab39
wook is crying (or trying not to) after saying he loves teuk @crappycrab39
Eunhyuk said he thought he would be the next leader & he said he will keep practicing (CR: @meatyoudumpling)
Boys are making a joke yet so serious in saying their msg to leader :’) the venue can be so silent and suddenly all elf laughing :’D – ourgyuhyun
yesung said he’s following teuk into army >< (cr: sjissj)
Kangin: departure is sad but every men have to go and during his service, you can notice the empty space but we dongsaengs will protect the spot well."
Leeteuk: like the time u returned
Kangin: yup
Eunhyuk said Yesung is not good looking but he is very handsome when taking a selca. [via.Just8604]


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