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[interview] Nylon magazine interview – Kyuhyun

Q:Sungmin and Kyuhyun are the only roommates in the group, right? please tell us something good about him.

Kyu:Sungmini-hyung is very a very caring person.Usually I spend my night going online and sleep late, but hyung always sleep early.No matter how noisy I was, he always told me “It’s okay.Just do what you wanna do” and slept.But when I lied down and he got a phone call, he always walked out to pick up the call.He’s really caring and always think about me.

Q:That’s good.So to Sungmin, what kind of roommate are you?

Kyu:I think..to hyung, I’m very noisy and annoying?Well he cares about me anyway.hahaha.

trans by @yirui_9502

Q : If you have a girlfriend, what would you like to do with her?
Kyuhyun : I want to go to amusement park with her
Q : both Donghae & Minho played dramas, do you like to do such things too?
Kyuhyun : I want to try preforming as a villain
Q : Is it ok for you to wear a cute fillet (the writer means that if your girlfriend asked for..when they go out on date at amusement park)
Kyuhyun : Not only, wearing such accessories, or painting face but also other things..Just I can have a girlfriend to go to amusement park with me as soon as possible that’s enough!!

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