Super Junior’s Kyuhyun still makes Victoria call him ‘oppa’

f(x)’s Victoria recently guested on Radio Star with 2PM’s Nichkhun, where she recounted memories of Korea when she first arrived there.

Because she was alone in a foreign country, she experienced some loneliness before making friends with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Though Kyuhyun is commonly known as ‘evil maknae’, he showed his warm-hearted side by befriending Victoria. “The first friend I after I came to Korea was Kyuhyun. Living in Korea was lonely but thanks to Kyuhyun, I was able to make a lot of friends,” Victoria mused.

Kyuhyun, who co-hosts Radio Star, then shared how he heard about rumors of a Lee Na Young lookalike joining SM. ““Because of Victoria’s youthful face, I thought she was younger than me and asked her to call me oppa but I found out later she was actually one year older than me. But even now Victoria calls me oppa.”

At the sound of that, Victoria interrupted and said, “You made me call you oppa!”

Oh, Kyuhyun, you would make someone still call you ‘oppa’ even if they were older than you. Can you call Kyuhyun “oppa”?

Source ningin


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