[transcript] 110711 Radio star | Kyuhyun


Kyuhyun: You said you were nervous when you meet Victoria this time. Why you pretend as if you didn’t see her for a long time?
Nickhun: It’s really long since we last met.
Kyuhyun: Well, is it one day or two days?
Nickhun: No, we have busy schedules, therefore we couldn’t meet for a year.
Kyuhyun: Are you a wild goose husband? (In Korea we called wild goose couple > couple couldn’t meet for a long time)
Nickhun: This time it’s long. (He misheard it)


MC: What do you think of Kyuhyun?
Victoria: Handsome… Smart… He’s a good friend.
MC: How about you (Nichkhun)?
Nichkhun: He looks like a princess!
MC: He’s pretending to be a prince?
MC: Nickhun is Thai prince!
KH: Korean prince and Thai prince meet today.


Kyuhyun: Do foreigners take shower often?
Guest: Yes
Kyuhyun: I was wondering about this. Our SJM member, Henry who was born in Canada. One day he said he’ll take shower. But he brought a wet towel and only wipe his skin and said: “I’m showering now!” He did it once a week.


MC: Kyuhyun, Your wish is to buy your own building?
Kyuhyun: When did I say that?!
MC: *teasing him*
Kyuhyun: Please! It sounds real.
MC: It’s true.
Kyuhyun: NO!! I also wanna help people.
MC: Your mother?


Source: Petit, Aprille and Yvonne (@winesdrop)


MC asked Kyuhyun if he knew about SJ’s individual incomes?
Kyuhyun: Roughly I know. First is Siwon, family background No.1, income No.1, Face also No.1, Height also No.1…
MC: Kyuhyun where do you rank? Did Radio Star let you earn more?
Kyuhyun: I can’t even earn much here can!? Radio Star seem to be not paying any money can!?


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